The mobile ICQ chat with the ICQ app

Of course there are ICQ as an app. While the normal ICQ Download is aimed primarily at PC users, the apps will get a piece of mobile chatting. His app provides ICQ for both iOS and Android, and thus covers theoretically the entire smartphone market from. The extent to which the times of Whatsapp and Skype however, is still interesting, is questionable.

The functions of the ICQ app did not go into any addition of a way about the competition &# 8211; on the contrary. Due to the fact that the history is stored locally in each case, it can happen that one has a long chat history stored the home PC and later &# 8211; on the smartphone &# 8211; can not fall back on it. This can, for example, Skype significantly better.

mobile calls with the ICQ app

ICQ is about to change 8 much since version ICQ in the program. And this change efforts affect obviously the mobile ICQ app. It is advertised to be able to make calls to his ICQ contacts for free. Thus, the Russian company is doing it permanently to strengthen its position in its home country and at the same time to get its share of the global VoIP telephony.

How that should work all that is not yet properly explained in the support section in the program or app. but clearly is ever that ICQ wants to access the phone book of the user, because it is from a &# 8220; automatic phone book synchronization&# 8221; spoken. In contrast, the function of free voice calls is still in beta.

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The chat in the ICQ app

Also, the chat has no special features in comparison to other apps. There is a chat, done. The one writes something that responds Other. You can send images and the current position of each other. All this can also Whatsapp. But Whatsapp for example, can send the user chat history also by email.

ICQ app screenshotThe ICQ app is not just a mobile sensation. As the competition has long since caught up

The app apparently does not attack again back to the avatar data of the user account, so you have to choose a new image on the phone. And also between iPhone and iPad, there are no significant differences. The iPad ICQ app is only displayed on a larger screen, but even the navigation is no better or more appealing.

As I said: Obviously ICQ is trying to secure a position on the smartphone, but because you have missed a lot in the overall program structure. The decision to secure the chats only locally, has saved to a server space and led to another sure many security against friends, but the bottom line is this can now be a mistake.


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