MGS 5 – The Phantom Pain: souvenir photos – all localities at a glance

Souvenir photos let you in MGS 5: look back on past events in the form of photos The Phantom Pain and among the many collectibles in stealth adventure. Locations of all souvenir photos and its benefits are explained to you in this guide.

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To the events of 9 years MGS: Peace Walker and MGS 5: Ground Zeroes remember the souvenir photos, you know as Collectibles in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain can find. We lead you unerringly to the Localities all souvenir photos in stealth epic.

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MGS 5 &# 8211; The Phantom Pain: souvenir photos &# 8211; Locations in the overview

Souvenir photos get her through the completion of certain In addition to operations, where her old mercenary Mother Base, who survived the attack 9 years ago, save and re-integrated as members of the Diamond Dogs. This wear these old photos with him, mainly Artworks from Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demonstrate. You can do this souvenir photos on the first deck of the medical platform Leave at Paz. we give up the location of the blonde you in the Guide: 5 MGS - The Phantom Pain: find Paz - location in the video.

The souvenir photos show events from MGS: Peace Walker.The souvenir photos show events from MGS: Peace Walker.

Do you all ten photos in the &# 8220; Get her out of the Mother Base soldiers&Missions; # 8221 found and the Between sequences with Paz considered, you must still collect a photo to complete this plotline.

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Locations of all souvenir photos

souvenir photo locality 
Miller and PazIn addition to operation 51 finish.
Professor GálvezIn addition to operation 52 finish.
Paz in swimsuitIn addition to operation 53 finish.
NukeIn addition to operation 54 finish.
fishingIn addition to operation 55 finish.
Gallo PintoIn addition to operation 56 finish.
birthday partyIn addition to operation 57 finish.
Costa RicaIn addition to operation 58 finish.
ChicoIn addition to operation 59 finish.
futbolIn addition to operation 60 finish.
Morpho ButterflyAfter you have shown the first ten photos Paz, you can collect from the wall this last picture on the wall outside their room.

Do you have all souvenir photos collected, it also switches the success memory free.

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get all the souvenir photos.

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