Repairs by third parties: home button of the iPhone 7 loses function

According to reports, the Home button can be repaired only by an authorized dealer or the Apple Store. Take him other workshops before, it is not functional. Both the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus an exchange by third parties is for the time being no longer possible.

Repairs by third parties: home button of the iPhone 7 loses function

Even in older iPhone the functionality of the home buttons by Apple was at least partially reduced if the exchange has not been performed by an authorized dealer. In this case, the fingerprint sensor failed his service - the button itself but remained functional. With the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, this has now changed, as YouTuber Michael Oberdick shows in a video.

AssistiveTouch turns

A new Home button that has not been used by authorized dealers or Apple itself, resulting in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus means that AssistiveTouch of iOS logs. For example, a software-side button is provided - the real home button at the bottom of the iPhone unresponsive.
Even a specially-exchanged Original button sets the service. In the video, Michael Oberdick has just replaced two original Apple buttons - to no avail:

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For safety reasons, the fingerprint sensor is coupled with the Apple chip - more precisely with the "Secure Enclave". A new button installed, this coupling logically missing - so he can not use inevitably. However, this could be limited to the Touch ID functionality and not have to put the home button as such ineffective. Background is probably that Apple built no physical button on the iPhone 7 for the first time.

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Home Button out of action

If the Home button adjusts the service and must be replaced, Apple requires an on-site repair. Again and again, the Group has pointed in this context to possible security risks: Parts of third parties could be dangerous for the user. Third-party lead the exchange of iPhone components but often for a fraction of Apple's price by, but do not get original parts and, in the case of the Home buttons do not couple with the chip fingerprint sensor.

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Apple against "right to repair"

Last resistance to Apple's repair policy has formed in several US states. Currently, a bill is introduced, among others, in Nebraska, it would also allow third parties to repair iPhones and other Apple devices without the blessing of the Group. Apple, however, cites security concerns and points out that there are already a large number of authorized dealers and Apple stores.

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