Dark Souls 3 Exploit: Boss souls duplicate

A newly submerged exploit to Dark Souls 3 allows you duplicating Boss souls to come quickly to countless souls and fix level up. In this guide we show you how to exactly use the exploit. Here is some finger acrobatics of distress and you should make sure to back up your saved game.

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No Souls game without Duplication exploit. Shortly after launch of Dark Souls 3 has now found a way, as you Duplicate Boss Soul can so an infinite number of souls to obtain. Hereinafter Guide with Video we'll show you exactly how to do it. In our test to Dark Souls 3 you read and how well the role-playing game has become.

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Dark Souls 3: Infinity souls by Exploit

Attention! Before you try to exploit that creates sure to back up your saved game as it may be that the exploit fails, and you use the Boss soul forever. This takes you about to forge you mighty Boss weapons.

To use the exploit, it does the following:

  1. Empty your Quick Selection Slots of any objects.
  2. Grabs you either the Estus-bottle or the ash-estus flacon on the first slot of your toolbelt. This is below the bar when it invokes the game menu.
  3. now even take any boss soul and puts it on the first slot of the Quick selection in the Equipment screen.
  4. If you try to exploit the first time, take an early boss soul, like that of Vordt from the Nordwindtal. So you risk an expensive loss. Generally bring future boss souls but of course more souls in this exploit.
  5. Now the hard part comes: You have to press the button to parry, wait half a second and then press four keys in quick succession.
  6. Key combination on the PlayStation 4:dark-souls-3-exploit-ps4
  7. Key combination on your Xbox One:dark-souls-3-exploit Xbox-one
  8. On the PC, you must use the corresponding buttons, depending on your key assignment.
  9. If you've done it right, you can see it when you see your for the fraction of a second Toolbelt and gets then asked the question of whether you want to use the Boss soul.
  10. Now you can consume the soul, but the corresponding boss soul does not lose.

Video Guide to Exploit

For detailed instructions in video format you see well again in the following video of the YouTube channel PS4Trophies.

Will you use any exploit, we'll show you the best spots to farm souls farms in Dark Souls. 3

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