X-Men: First day in the live stream and ZDF at 22:15

Tonight at 22:25 can you the prequel to the X-Men series: First Class on ZDF and live stream * see. The film tells the back story of the mutant Magneto aka Erik Lehnsherr, who was tortured as a child in a German concentration camp cruel. Erik launches a vendetta &# 8211; Mystique and other mutants to help him and the young Professor Charles Xavier is at his side. 

1016X-Men: First Class - Trailer from Fox

in the play of the original title of the film, among others Kevin Bacon, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence, X-Men: First Class and he brings the viewer actually the birth of the legendary mutant group.

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X-Men: First Class on ZDF at 22:15 and in the live stream

Even those who live without TV or TV connection, Oblivion can follow today ad-free in the stream at Magine * or ZDF live stream. The stream at Magine is legal and free, because access is the first 30 days for free *. After that you can you opt for a paid subscription or let's just run it the right of access.

charles aka dr x of x-men the first decision in the sea of ​​flames

X-Men: First Class &# 8211; Erik Lehnsherr is Magneto

The Jew Erik Lehnsherr shows in a German concentration camp in occupied Poland in 1944 special magnetic forces. Dr. Klaus Schmidt &# 8211; a concentration camp Scientists &# 8211; becomes interested in a cruel way for the child and leads brutal experiments on him. He threatens to kill Erik's mother when the boy moved with his forces a coin. Erik failed and must watch as his mother dies. This outburst unleashes his magnetic abilities &# 8211; of the &# 8220; scientists&# 8221; is thrilled.

Years later, Erik wants revenge on Schmidt and studied his former tormentor &# 8211; his journey takes him through Argentina initially to Miami. When he on the young American scientist Charles Xavier &# 8211; Professor X &# 8211; true, the foundation has been establishing the powerful mutant group.

Click here for the ZDF stream over Magine*

143X-Men: First Class - Trailer from Fox

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