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After we took the WCW down, the WWE has only the TNA who is also a larger audience is made available to a reasonably popular competitors. 5 Star Wrestling there is another wrestling spin off the biggest league worldwide. For spring 2016 Serious Parody now announces 5 Star Wrestling: Genesis of a new wrestling game for the PS4.

At 5 Star Wrestling also some old familiar faces from the WWE are seen.


5 Star Wrestling - ReGenesis: Rey Mysterio in Roster

Already this year, the wrestling game released on the PlayStation 3, but fell in many ways through. For the sequel you want to do in the house Serious Parody lot better and position itself as a direct competitor to WWE 2K16 and successors. Much is still unknown, but you could see the first confirmations for the 5-Star Wrestling: Regenesis announce roster. So no one will be lower than Rey Mysterio one of the playable superstars.

5 Star Wrestling: ReGenesis: competition for WWE 2K16?

Further details about the game are not yet known, screenshots have not been made public and that, although the game will be released in the spring.

In January there will be some wrestling events in the UK, which should drive the 5-Star Wrestling brand. There will be, among others, the match Rey Mysterio against AJ Styles. In addition, John Morrison and Jay Lethal will get in the ring. Dan Hinkles, CEO of Serious Parody announces 5-Star Wrestling great things:

"We at Serious Parody have big plans for 5 Star Wrestling. For this we have committed to the best high-flyer of all time, Rey Mysterio. This is not just an incredibly big step in the right direction for our company. For me personally, as a big wrestling fan ever goes simultaneously with the cooperation with one of the best wrestlers a dream come true. Rey Mysterio could sign at any time in the WWE. However, he has chosen to work with us. It seems unreal and also a sign that we expect great things. "

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