Netflix Parental Control: Creating a profile for children’s films and series

To protect children from inappropriate content, you can set the parental control at Netflix. For this you have to create, where it gets to watch only the content that is appropriate for his age group, only one additional profile for each child. Exactly how this works, we will tell you the following howto.

Netflix Parental Control: Creating a profile for children's films and series

Anyone with children knows the problem: You can spend hours keeping an eye on them and they are the leibsten angel on earth. If one missile? Them just a minute back, for example, to get a coffee from the kitchen to open the door to the postman or simply to relieve oneself has already happened disaster: You make it with complete arbitrariness in the nearest technical unit indiscriminately dodge, emitting with unnachvollziehbarer precision on something that is not meant for their innocent eyes.

To prevent this from happening on Netflix, you can create a separate children's profile on which only content are available that are suitable for age. So you can the next generation also briefly left alone without immediately fear the worst. And even older children benefit from a children's profile so that they can see in the privacy of her room their favorite series on Netflix sometimes.

Netflix Parental control: Setting up a profile for children - important&# 8217; s

No matter what your Netflix subscription you possess, you can always create up to five profiles. So you can either create an extra child profile or simply convert an existing Netflix profile at an appropriate children's profile.

first created a new profile, if you want to convert any old. Going for it as follows:

  1. Opens the Netflix page in a new tab and log you a with your data.
  2. When selecting "Who is looking?" Clicks on their Edit profile.
    Netflix Parental Control Edit profile
  3. Give the profile an appropriate name.
  4. (Optional) If you aussreicht the restriction on content for children up to 12 years, you can set the hook right next to the name field in a child.
  5. Finally, you just need to click the button Continue Click to create the profile.
    Netflix child safety profile for the child

define more precisely the age restriction or adapt to existing profiles:

  1. Now click in the selection "Who is looking?" On the underlying Button Manage profiles and then click the the child's profile.
  2. Here you have now under Permitted series and movies the selection zwsichen four maturity levels:
    Only for small childrenFor older children and underFor teens and belowAll age ratings
    Rated 0
    For content for children aged 0-5
    Rated 0, 6
    For content for children aged 0-11
    G 0, 6, 12
    For content for children and teenagers 0-15
    G 0, 6, 12, 16, 18, without age-
    All contents
  3. Selects the appropriate classification for your child from the drop-down menu and click finally on the button to save.

Netflix know then that the changes to the profile can take up to 8 hours on all devices. The process can be accelerated by re logout and login.

If you want to completely play it safe, you can also set a PIN for content from a certain maturity level. So the kids can not see any inappropriate content when they are accidentally with your profile on Netflix go. Setting up Netflix PIN, change, and clear: read this following.

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 Image Sources: Netflix, Voluntary Self-Regulation of the Film Industry GmbH

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