Create Steam Group – Here’s how and brings it

The online download service Steam offers you not only the possibility, at any time downloading thousands of games, you can also create your own Steam group. In the following guide, we show you how it works and what it entails.

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Steam is no longer a pure download providers more. Among the numerous features of the service, especially the close connection of the players on Steam plays, for example, through the Steam Community Market a major role. So players can emersion among themselves, Steam offers each member the opportunity to create a Steam group.

Steam Group 2The community features of Steam reaches her about your personal profile.

Create Steam group - step by step

  1. Before you can create a Steam group, you've got to first log in using your Steam account. (For more information on the account be found in the Guide a Steam Account Create - How To.)
  2. Then ride your cursor over your profile name.
  3. This opens a drop-down menu - selects the menu item groups.
  4. On the following screen, you choose New Group found.
  5. Now you have to make some adjustments for your group: Select first a name and an abbreviation for the group.
  6. The field group link you give a any name behind the address. At this link you can find other players later.
  7. Finally, you have the choice even if the group public (anyone can join) or private (membership only by invitation) should be.
  8. Now just click Create and you have created your own Steam group.


Steam groupIn this screen, you can adjust the settings for your Steam group.Start Photogallery(17 images)The 15 currently most played games on Steam (March 2015 - worldwide)

Create Steam Group - the bringts

To create a Steam group makes especially sense if their multiplayer games like CS: GO or team plays Fortress 2 and you want to meet with a bestimten group of people to play regularly. Additionally, you can with the Steam group but also:

  • meet new people with similar tastes as you yourselves Games
  • arrange to meet you with people for online Coop Games
  • arrange meetings with people from your region

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