iPhone 5: Change charging socket, USB, Lightning connector

If your iPhone 5 will not charge, then that could be due to a defective Lightning port. We show you in a detailed video on how it substitutes for your charging socket. In our Photogallery we show you all also in short form.

12987Switch USB charging socket - iPhone 5

Difficulty: Moderate

Reason: Not for hobbyists, but doable for anyone with a little technical skill.

iPhone 5 Changing charging socket: Recommended Tools

  • Plastic spatula *iPhone 5: Change charging socket, USB, Lightning connector
  • iSesamo or other thin metal spatula *iPhone 5: Change charging socket, USB, Lightning connector
  • Phillips screwdriver *iPhone 5: Change charging socket, USB, Lightning connector
  • Pentalobular screwdriver *iPhone 5: Change charging socket, USB, Lightning connector

Step 1: Remove Pentalobe screws

1. screw

  • removing the two screws on the bottom with a Pentalobular screwdriver.

step 2 &# 8211; open display

2. Remove the display

  • To open the iPhone, you have to carefully lift me a sucker the display.
  • As soon as a small gap is formed between the frame and display, you can get the display from its anchoring with a metal or Plasikspatel.
  • Tip: Once completely outside driving around with the plastic spatula.
  • DANGER: The best way to work with plastic, because otherwise you can make scratches in your frame.

step 3 &# 8211; Loosen display

3. Remove the screws

  • Remove the three screws on the metal cover.
  • Remove metal cover.

step 4 &# 8211; Remove flat cable

4. Loosen flex cable

  • Loosen the three ribbon cables from the motherboard.
  • Here necessarily work with a plastic spatula. When metal is a possibility that you present your connections injured.
  • Laying display to the side.

step 5 &# 8211; Remove metal plates

5. Remove the screws

  • Loosen three screws.
  • Remove metal plates.
  • DANGERIf you want to work on the safe side, then now disconnect the battery.

step 6 &# 8211; Remove screws

6. Remove the screws

  • Remove 7 screws.
  • DANGER: The screws necessarily sort appropriate since they have different lengths.

step 7 &# 8211; solve flex cable

7. Remove the flex cable

  • Carefully remove with a thin blade, the connecting cable from the Home button.

step 8 &# 8211; Remove speaker

8. Remove the speakers

  • Lift the speakers carefully at the bottom of the housing.
  • Now pull back out.
  • DANGER: Speaker infected with a small nose under the motherboard. Necessarily, to the left as seen in this picture, pull out.

step 9 &# 8211; loosen flat cable

9. Remove the flex cable

  • Loosen the ribbon cable from the motherboard using a plastic spatula.

step 10 &# 8211; solve WLAN cable

10. Remove WLAN cable

  • solve the WLAN cable with a plastic spatula carefully from the motherboard.

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