World of WarCraft: Players defeated raid boss alone

Raid bosses put in MMO World of WarCraft whole groups of players with great challenges. Of a fight on its own is there not to think - or is it?

The latest major update for World of Warcraft was the version 7.3. What it brings everything with it, you can see here:

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not going there&# 8217; s not: That's probably the player thought "Mionee" and set itself the task of the raid boss Gul&# 8217; to defeat Dan on their own - without a group of colleagues. We must say that the fight against this nasty contemporaries is anything but a cakewalk even under normal conditions. How do you then end only when facing him, a single hero?

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The answer provided "Mionee" after numerous failed attempts and some mathematical calculations. As a class, he chose a one demon hunter tank, who famously distinguished equally by its viability and its high damage output.

If you want to put yourself in the world of World of Warcraft, you should always observe these things:

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After a battle that lasted over an hour, the brave WoW players was actually successful and could Gul&8217; dan its knees. This also featured as impressive achievement you can now admire in the video that we have included above and is playing happily in motion.


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