Clean Mac: So you can clean your Apple hardware

Dust, hair, greasy fingerprints or even nicotine: Sooner or later, no Mac is safe from. Macs are utilitarian objects and require from time to cleaning. In particular MacBooks suffer in the long run under the external influences. We show how to make the hardware shine.

Clean Mac: So you can clean your Apple hardware

Clean Mac: Tips & tricks

General precautions: Basically you should turn off its Mac and unplug: So you get easily to the hardware without having too many cables in the way, and goes when it comes to short-circuit on the safe side. Using water, you should therefore already be very economical. A slightly damp cloth produces the best results in most cases. Also expensive chemical cleaning agents may remain in the cabinet safely. Finally, the plastic casing of an older MacBooks, mouse and keyboard and screens should not be damaged.

Unobstructed view of the desktop: Whether desktop or laptop, constantly staring eyes glossy screens. In order to maintain a clear view here, one reaches best on a simple, dust-free cloth &# 8211; For example, Microfiber &# 8211; back. Lightly moistened and definitely not dripping it leaves the screen after a short time in a new light.

The first impression counts: Especially with the old MacBooks white plastic contaminants accumulate over time. The smooth plastic surfaces should be carefully wipe with a damp cloth. The same applies to aluminum appliances. Here you can not see the impurities but often directly, fingerprints adhere to the rough surface also less well. this is not enough to remove stubborn dirt or stains, use isopropyl alcohol or abrasive-free lens cloths. you should be aware at the terminals of the device: Here no humidity from entering! Before considering the Mac back in operation, should if necessary, wait some time until no residual moisture is present.

Gebrauchstgegenstände mouse and keyboard: In particular, the input devices require regular cleaning, which is necessary in some cases also for its proper functioning. Apple's Magic Mouse is easy: only on the runners on the underside of dirt can collect. He can be removed, for example with a damp Q-tip.

Keyboards are the purest collecting tank: crumbs, hair, dust and pollen that come from open windows and clothes into the room, are deposited under the keys. Sometimes it helps to turn the keyboard and shake vigorously. For a more targeted cleaning can be removed from individual keys careful. One should generally be cautious and keep a few things. Careful because it requires quite some strength depending on the keyboard and you're dealing with plastic buttons. Carefully also because you do not want the fragile mechanism damage below the now black keys. The two small clasped connect the key to the case. A scissor mechanism and a rubber nub ensures the pressure point. Who the mechanism dissolves when you remove the key, for example, to remove a stubborn crumbs, takes some patience when re-threading. The following video shows how the keys on Apple's MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air are constructed. (Without this video the W button would be the MacBook Air the author's probably not where it belongs.) Viewing is a must!

Incidentally, the blowing off of impurities is not always without risk: the breath contains a not to be underestimated in moisture and electronics under the keyboard, especially for notebooks that is not pleased in the least. Compressed air without moisture from the spray is suitable for more. Also recommended is a handheld vacuum cleaner that lets you gently and set to minimum flying over the keyboard. one should not rub too hard on the keys. They are just printed and could lose their identity by detergents.

Nice outside, but ugly inside? Now the Mac looks outwardly indeed like new, but how it communicates with the interior? Air and with their dust passes through vents in and is accessible to the user as a rule only with some effort. With a hand vacuum cleaner but it can at least liberate at low speed the air vents from the dust. If the computer, however, in an extremely dusty environment that threatens the long term, the function of the device, provides instructions on how to access to the inner workings of Macs expressed emergency. Here it is important to remain calm, to go very keen to work and to obtain additional information about the pottering open Mac in advance. The guarantee will be lost.


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