What’s XDA? Introduction to XDA-Developers and XDA University (Android Essentials)

The people behind the XDA-Developers have recently launched a new site that goes by the name XDA University. This is designed to help interested in facilitating the entry into Android and in the associated development while getting to know the XDA-Developers better.

What's XDA? Introduction to XDA-Developers and XDA University (Android Essentials)

What are the XDA Developers?

Again and again, is also here with us the talk of the XDA-Developers. Who even quite like invests hand to his Android device and that otherwise would be modified as rooting, modding or will come on the side difficult past. Behind the XDA-Developers hides an incredibly comprehensive portal that throughout the development and modification of all dedicated to what it has to do with Android, Mobile and the appropriate hardware (also numerous topics to Windows Phone, Samsung Bada and WebOS can be found there). Above all, it is also about to tackle problems together, that may occur with their own piece of technology.

Besides general information on devices can be found at the XDA-Developers everything about ROMs, rooting, modification and of course technical support. Here, each device model has its own subregion. but many users are mainly because of one thing on its side: To bring their Android smartphone to the latest version of Android.

The basic setting of the XDA-Developers could best be described as follows as: &# 8220; We like to help, but please try to advance to help yourself. And if you have helped someone, please thank you for this person&# 8221 ;. An excellent setting in my opinion, because after all, we humans have indeed it get to use it, our brain. And decency and kindness also apply to interpersonal dealings on the Internet, even though many people seem to forget dasmleider more and more.

Fairly well explained this is (read: Noobs) in the following video, which to all newcomers aimed at the XDA-Developers:

Initially, the portal that was launched in 2003 and now the world more than 4.7 million members has become a little overwhelming and confusing work. But if you look a little settled on the side you know soon where the are for a self-relevant topics.

Anyone simply looking for information can use the portal without registration, those who want more, must register shortly. The basic requirement to browse or on the side of information to become an active member, however, is that one understands English well.

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What is the XDA University?

In the newly established XDA-University (short XDA-U) now all signs point to green, is to say that this new page is exclusively with Android employed. So should the XDA-University users help to get to know better and Android to find easier access to the development for Google's mobile operating system. It does not matter if you are a newcomer to the Android-matter, or if you are an absolute Android Pro.

Because Android is open source, it is in addition to the "normal users" (her phone just turn it on and use it the way it was delivered by the manufacturer), of course, always be a number of other users who want more out of their device simply more , For this, now is the XDA University with words and deeds.

Since the XDA-Developers to deal with not only Android, but as mentioned there appear numerous other technical issues that XDA-University is now somewhat easier access to the already extensive Android matter. Here XDA-U is not seen as a competitor to the XDA-Developers, but will also serve as an introduction to the resulting 2003 portal simultaneously. As with the XDA-Developers it is very important here that one is command of English.

Android Essentials

By the way: Android Essentials is our new series that auseioandersetzt entirely with the basics in the Android range. So you will in the coming days with us even such basic articles on fundamental Android apps, the initial setup of a new device (which is hopefully under Christmas tree) or the important safety precautions that you can carry it on your device.

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