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The BayOrganizer download is a useful software for processing eBay auctions (an extension for is available).

Of the BayOrganizer download is the Sales Management for eBay, Amazon, xt: Commerce, Yatego, booklooker, Gambio, Mallux and With the BayOrganizer download it manages the processing status of completed purchases, sales and auctions, evaluates graphically from, simplifies communication between seller and buyer and automates the creation of invoices, delivery notes, address labels and other documents in paper or electronic form. The program addresses both sellers and buyers and to help both groups of users to optimize the costs incurred after an auction procedures.


BayOrganizer Download: The functions

The BayOrganizer download consists of a database, which reads all important data to auction, buyers and sellers from eBay comfortable right server and is clearly separated according to sales and purchases. An analysis function evaluates the received or paid prices and the converted item quantity. At each auction Comments can be detected and the processing status (for example, demand for payment sent, received payment, given assessment, &# 8230;) are maintained in detail in the form of a checklist. Powerful sorting, filtering and search functions provide an overview of the status of all auctions, even with large auction number. Integrated into BayOrganizer is a management for mail templates with placeholders for auction data. Once defined templates are at your fingertips with the data from the auction (for example, auction number, auction title, cost, buyer name, &# 8230) is filled and optionally shipped with the built-mail program or the default e-mail program.

BayOrganizer: create business documents and send made easy

The software also provides a built-in word processor with which also document templates with placeholders can be created. These documents can be completed at your fingertips with auction data and then printed or automatically sent as a PDF attachment via e-mail as mail templates. Intended application is the production of accounts, invoices, etc.

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