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After all have uniformed, we grab our car, drive to the bank and meet one of our shooters. The Speil changes to Franklin, who sits in the drill. We control the drill carefully a piece forward and to the left, to the selected map wall. With directional pad right we start the drill and drive slowly through the wall. We then reset, disable the drill and park it at the marked location. Lester tells us that security forces are on the march, so we hurry. We go into the vault, bring to the two gratings doors of sticky bombs, go back outside and light it. Our other shooter take care of the loading of the gold, we take cover, grab our best weapon and defend against security forces storming in our direction. The second wave comes from the exactly opposite direction, that then changes your coverage and selects where appropriate, a weapon with a higher range, such as an assault rifle to shoot even the enemies when they are still far behind in the tunnel.


After the gold bars are coupled to Trevor helicopters, you have to fend off two waves of Noose troops - the first coming from the vault, the second abseil directly into the anteroom off. Then we go to Trevor. When we flew out of town, we go to Michael, who fights together with the shooters from the bank. Uses the columns and objects in front of you as cover, the police thins out, and moves you forward.


We go down the stairs, hit Franklin and now have to kill a lot of cops. Make sure that the police are not only among you on the street, but also in the gallery directly in front of you. After a while a helicopter will appear - uses an RPG or shoots the pilot, preferably with Mike's ability. Then we follow the other to the right and down, across the bridge over to the other gallery where we kill more NOOSE units. It descends to the left of us continue Heli from which we also masturbate.


We follow the crew back stairs up, kill some enemies, get a third helicopter down and then slowly work our way through the enemies to the front. We go to the parapet cover - it still seems a helicopter, but this time an attack helicopter from Merryweather. he is down Brought but just the same as always. We follow the crew down and into the car park where we fend off three vans with enemies and then get in the car. Now we have &# 8220; to get rid of "even the cops - not easy with a five-star wanted level, but if we achieve a good side street or tunneling, enter the cops soon.


Trevor and the driver have company of merry weather-combat helicopters, but now Lester's time to shine - he shoots a rocket launcher at the enemy helicopters and makes even really good, we just have reasonably close and ran slow down briefly, then he takes each one helicopter down. Repeated three times, but beware when the wind farm that it does not fly too low - the rotors are possibly more dangerous than the helicopters.


Now we must do the same to the other pilots and to sell our gold cargo on the train. This can be tricky a little bit. At best, you're flying low over the train and passed him a bit, then brakes gently, and as he passes through among you, directional pad presses the right to disconnect the gold. Now we direct the helicopter to Flugpaltz, land him and the big thing was a complete success. Depending on whom we had as a crew, the yield to 30 million may be per head - not a bad yield!

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