The best Dr. House Quotes: His meanest Proverbs

The best Dr. House Quotes: His meanest Proverbs

Marek Bangon 21/01/2016 at 16:50

Three years after the end of &# 8220; Dr. House&# 8221; the series enjoys great popularity. This is mainly due to the charismatic actor Hugh Laurie and his unconventional methods and nasty war of words. We have therefore the best quotes from eight years Dr. House pre-buttoned. We hope you enjoy the nastiest reflection of best quotes from &# 8220; Dr. House&# 8221 ;.

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The best Dr. House Quotes: His meanest Proverbs

Proud eight years and 177 episodes long understood how Dr. Gregory House to establish with his inimitable style an entirely new type of demigod in white on the screen. The success of the series &# 8220; Dr. House&# 8221; stands or falls naturally with her leading man Hugh Laurie and his cynical to nasty view of the world. On the one hand, his character is a brilliant doctor and diagnostician, on the other, no one is safe from his nasty slogans and sometimes totally incorrect politically verbal escapades. True to the motto, who wants to watch a constantly smiling gooders at work, the idiosyncratic loner etched against everything and everyone, which can be find in his befuddled by painkillers field, driving colleagues and patients alike to despair.

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We have therefore embark on an expedition into the teaching hospital of Princeton and present you the nastiest sayings of Dr. House. Here are the best quotes of the eloquent eccentric.

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but now starting to Dr. House and its nasty spells in the following Bilderstrecke!

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"Dr. House" stands or falls naturally with Hugh Laurie and his nasty comments. Which is your favorite saying and what you think of the show?

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