Netflix: Code ui-800-2 – Solution

Unfortunately, the cryptic error message many services help rarely in problem solving. What lies just behind the Netflix error code ui-800-2 and how you can fix the error, we will show you the following howto.

Netflix error code ui-800-2 &# 8211; importance & affected devices

The Netflix Code ui-800-2 appears normally on when you try a device that still has old account information stored by you to access Netflix.

The error appears on this usually at Smart TV, set-top boxes and Blu-ray players that support the Netflix app.

For problems with apps and other Internet services should be previously always check whether the own network is working properly:

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Netflix &# 8211; troubleshoot ui-800-2

Depending on which device do you use and whether you have changed your your account information or not, there are several ways to fix it. We have the most popular solutions gathered here for you:

  • First of all, a restart of the respective device should be carried out. Switches for the unit and separates it for a minute from the mains. Then attempted to re-launch the Netflix app.
  • When did you change your account information, you must also update them on that device. Login you for it in the device, and with your new data again.
  • When Refreshed your data has not fixed the problem, you should clear the cache of the app or the respective device.
  • Even a complete uninstall and Neuinsallation can correct the error if the system does not want to accept the updated data.
  • In the case of Samsung Smart TVs Netflix know then that a reset of the Smart Hub can help to factory settings. Exactly how it works, we explain the following article: Reset Samsung Smart Hub - Here&# 8217; s.
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If all else fails, you should try to log you in the browser on the official Netflix page, there to check your data again. If everything is correct, but that device continues to display the error ui-800-2, you should contact the Netflix support. They can send you a reset code, among other things and still have other ways to fix the problem together with you.

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