Amazon Echo in Germany for sale soon possible

With Amazon Echo the online retail giant released its own speaker system with built-in voice control "Alexa". In the US, Echo is already available, but when Amazon will echo in Germany? It has long been speculated, now there is finally an official announcement. Find out here from when Amazon Echo will be available in Germany.

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In the US, Amazon Echo can already be ordered. About you have the opportunity to also come from Germany to the speaker of the House Amazon.

Amazon echo Amazon*

The price for the device is $ 179. Eighteen months after the release in the US, the Smartbox is now soon to Germany. Elsewhere their background information is about the features and functions of Amazon Echo.

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Amazon Echo order soon possible in Germany

The price of Echo will be around 180 euros, Prime customers will receive a discount of 50 €. Amazon Echo currently available by invitation only. &Chosen; # 8220&# 8221; receive in the coming days by e-mail invitation, over which Amazon Echo or &# 8220; Echo Dot&# 8221; Let's shop. An invitation can be requested on the product page at online retailers *Amazon Echo in Germany for sale soon possible. The release is scheduled for October 26.

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For more than a year of smart speakers in the US is available. Amazon, it is common to have pre-run a longer test phase in the US before products and services also appear in Europe and Germany, such as the Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick or eBook program Kindle Unlimited.

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Amazon Echo in the test: First experiences with Alexa in practice check

Amazon Echo in Germany for sale soon possible

Amazon Echo in Germany with the Test &# 8220; Alexa Skill Testing Tool&# 8221;

Anyone who wants to get an idea of ​​the language features of Amazon Echo in Germany already, can the smart speaker with the interface &# 8220; Alexa&# 8221; test. Opens this is the Amazon site and log you a with your access data. Even German login data can be used. With a speaker and microphone you can test for free online voice control by Alexa. Click this, click the microphone icon and speak a question. However, Alexa understands currently only English and does not access the location.

For skill testing tool*


Amazon Echo in Germany available in October

  • Amazon Echo is not just a speaker but has additional microphones for voice control.
  • Is connected via Wi-Fi to the Internet echo can read the device Wikipedia entries, play music by voice command, and perform other tasks by voice input.
  • In addition, Amazon Echo has its own shopping function. So can be placed on the shopping lists of Amazon directly by voice products.
  • All voice entries are loaded on the Amazon server for processing.
  • Alternatively, the speaker can also be operated via App.
  • The unit is just 24 cm high.
  • Amazon to echo in Germany appears, it will take a few months, after all, is currently being filed until the language assistants, also the voice commands must be transferred to the German language.
  • Germany with a release earlier than expected in the autumn.
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