Pokémon Gold and Silver: As of Friday for the 3DS erhätlich

The Golden and Silver Edition will return! On September 22, you can load both cult games on your Nintendo 3DS. In addition, so you can expect a rare Pokémon.

1120Pokémon - Golden and Silver Edition - 3DS TrailerOn Friday, you finally have the opportunity to discover a part of your childhood on the Nintendo 3DS again or to learn what has identified the fascination of the classic in the 2000th A little taste already offers the trailer that you can watch above.

Here you can order Pokémon Gold and Silver*

For 9.99 euros you can you load the game from the Nintendo eShop, but is two euros more a physical version for purchase. However, in addition to the original box that contains no module but also only a download code.

Have you played the Golden and Silver Edition as a child? Then here so some memories are coming up:

Start Photogallery(25 images)The story of Pokémon: We have all the tracks again reminisce

For owners of Pokémon sun & Moon is worth buying twice, because anyone who Pokémon Gold and Silver for the 3DS acquires, also receives a free download code for the rare Pokémon Celebi. This you can then both Pokémon sun & and Download Moon from November on Pokémon Ultra sun and moon Ultra.


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