Review of the LG P700 L7

After nearly four weeks I allow myself an opinion on the LG-P700 L7 form. Optical makes it a lot here, but the weaknesses show the inner values. Despite 1GHz sometimes it takes a little patience, which is at the LG own launcher in my opinion.

Review of the LG P700 L7

Again, I apologize in advance for sound quality. Promised the next video will be shot in studio, GIGA ...

The hardware &# 8211; perfect for the price

The LG-P700 L7 makes a solid and high-quality impression. The processing is as in L3, Top and leaves nothing to be desired. For testing, I had the white version that makes the aluminum frame a really elegant. The battery cover is made of flexible plastic and also contains the NFC antenna. NFC is already an interesting feature for a phone in this price range. Unfortunately has the LG Tag + App only three presets and one custom, by which you can also select apps that are started on contact. Here you have to probably look for alternative apps that the NFC to make fullest really.

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The battery &# 8211; Enough power even for extended use

Unlike the LG-E400 L3 do I have this LG-P700 L7 used in more detail. This was partly due to the good display, which allows long read without fatigue. With 1700 mAh battery is not only sufficient but disproportionately sized. This results in a battery life of about one day.

the display &# 8211; For beginners and advanced

4+ inches are all the rage at the moment. As an old Milestone users I felt right at home, with the difference that the colors in the L7 are much richer. The sensitivity is excellent and the display responds to the slightest touch, making it ideal for play.

Processor and Memory

The Qualcomm processor is indeed a Single Core, but I think that 1 GHz for everyday use should be quite sufficient. Unfortunately, I realized what has forced me to issue the animations on the home screen menu, which seem to be the cause of various hangers on the home screen and load times when App Drawer. To bad, because the L7 brings innately some beautiful that I otherwise only from GO Launcher know. Otherwise, the processor also for graphics or computing-heavy apps would not excessively hot. So I assume that the delays after the end of an app software side are to be found and could be thus resolved.

They quickly learn that the LG-P700 L7 includes 1 Gigabyte internal memory. When you install an app after another. I had during the test phase no memory problems, however, can also L7 for more 32 GB via Micro SD Slot expand. is Apps2SD, as in LG-E400 L3 possible labeling Technically, however, unhappy solved. the app is in the internal memory is there, "Move to phone" around is different, "Move all to phone".

The camera - excellent for this price range

Surely you can not expect top quality here, but it still exceeds my expectations. The pictures are hardly noisy and make the colors are natural. Thanks to the VGA front camera, the L7 is suitable even for Hangout or skype. What is the difference, show these two pictures of the L3 and L7:

Review of the LG P700 L7Picture of LG P-700 L7Review of the LG P700 L7Picture of LG E-400 L3

The soft goods &# 8211; the only problem

The L7 is innately with Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0.3) equipped and therefore one of the elite 16% who are allowed to use this operating system in the Androidwelt. Unfortunately, the home screen will start from time to time to hang back and reload the App Drawer must be after the end of an app. Once the animation, which, incidentally, very chic, be off, it calmed down, however, and the "failures" occur only from time to time on. I hope hgier on another update by LG, for in the 1 GHz processor, it should not be.

The MP3 player I count here's the software and is here Another weakness of the L7. With this sound you will not be happy. Unfortunately, it could not be captured on the video, but the sound is so flat and powerless, that you might be thought to keep an old tin can phone in hand. Here you are, just as in the NFC forced to switch to alternative apps.

My personal conclusion

Except for the trailer and the sound of the MP3 player is LG-P700 L7 an excellent phone. In particular, in the price range under 300 euros (although I speak in the video of 260.00 euros, it costs the EIA 299,00 EUR) I have never seen a much better. The processing and handling have fully convinced me and my wife likes it after a little "adjustment period" as well. Surely it is also due to the chic white color. On the go, the screen size is ideal, even web pages can be viewed pleasant and tap it works even with one hand. Nevertheless, I will not exchange it against my touch, the second issue I will certainly marvel at this year's IFA.


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