Pokémon sun and moon: Thanks Hack now even harder

Are you with Pokémon sun and moon already through and looking for a new challenge? A modder now presents a version with extreme difficulty.

1334094 short facts about Pokémon sun and moon

Pokémon has never been known to be a particularly challenging game series. therefore demanding players specific restrictions and conditions impose in order to play the games at a higher level of difficulty. Is about a Pokemon faint, it is deemed to be defeated and must be released. This game mode is known as the so-called Nuzlocke Challenge.

Those looking for a challenge, even without self-imposed rule of the game, can now the Rome Hack Pokémon Rising Sun & View Waning Moon. Modder Kobazco equipped the two games with all sorts of changes that raise the level of difficulty to a new extreme.

  • Captains and Kahunas now have all six Pokémon on her team.
  • The leveling curve has been revised sharply. After the top four your team should have reached at least level 80th
  • Trainers have Pokémon that were previously not seen in Alola.
  • Gladio was to Owain from the game Fire Emblem.
  • The move sets the Pokémon have been revised.
  • Tot Julian has a RATTATA with perfect values.

Pokémon Waning Moon

The installation is only possible via homebrew and therefore at your own risk. The English-language installation guide can be found on the forum of gbatemp.net.

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