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With the Picasa download achieve a worry-free package that allows you to organize your images, publish and even Picasa Collage can join. To do this, first select the photos that make you want to tinker the collage.

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These are then stored in the photo tray, then where you must select the "Collage" button. If you want to make a whole album into a collage on the other hand, simply "Create a collage" button in the top header of the album.

Create collages Picasa quickly and easily

You can now create your collage and select the "Settings" tab from a few options. First, select a collagen type where they can choose between six different types. At the photo stack you get exactly what it sounds like. In this collage the images are scattered on each other on the screen. You can move each image manually zoom in and out or change the angle. To create the desired collage easily and without much effort. Furthermore, there is the mosaic collage, which allows you to place the images in a row next to each other randomly. The frame mosaic surrounded a central, larger image in the center, while scanning the images are arranged in the same size next to each other. The contact sheet assigns the image clean in a thumbnail view while multiple exposure well above displays the selected photos. Multiple exposure is only for a few images at once.

Picasa lets you easily create collages

For some of the collages you can then make further settings. So you can set individually for about collagen grid, mosaic and frame mosaic the pitch with a slider. At the photo stack and contact sheet, however, the edges of the image are changeable - you can on your own ink. Of course, you can also select the background around the collage itself.

bring the collage at the end

Finally, you are able, around the collage to change the buttons to select your photos again later. Once you are satisfied with your selection, you can finally create the collage. All her collages are the "My Pictures - Picasa" saved. There, you can then view at any time.

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