OneDrive does not work: Microsoft includes file systems – except for one

Users of OneDrive might get a nasty surprise these days: namely Microsoft has just ruled widespread file systems and only allows the synchronization to the cloud with a version.

OneDrive does not work: Microsoft includes file systems - except for oneSource: OneDrive

OneDrive only works with NTFS

Who transmits data to OneDrive in the cloud, now have to be careful in what file system based disk is formatted. Most Windows users use NTFS, so migration and limitation is not noticed on just this one system. But many memory cards, hard drives and some older computers still run with FAT32 or exFAT. The direct synchronization to the cloud is no longer possible. One would have to go through the PC, copy the data only to an NTFS system and from there to the cloud. For devices where there is not enough space available, which is a not to be underestimated problem.

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Change was not announced

Microsoft has also not announced the change and abolition of support for older file systems, but implemented without warning. According to Microsoft, a mistake, because it would actually turn up an error message if you want to synchronize a folder that is not compatible with the corresponding file system.

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Reformatting NTFS to the memory cards that are used elsewhere, but also does not work. Namely, it is a file system that exists primarily in the Windows world and will get an even more important role with the case Creators update. Using memory cards in cameras, must be used FAT32 often because the cameras easily identify any other file system.

This change may make sense for Microsoft in their own ecosystem for users of devices that rely on memory cards or data carriers in other formats, this is just another obstacle to the use of the cloud service.

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