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Tales of Symphonia is the first Tales game that has made it to Germany and is also one of the most popular Tales titles worldwide. However, it is already the fifth main game of the series, which was produced by Namco.

Mana, the source and root of all life has become very scarce on Syvarant. In addition, the misanthropic Desians threaten to devastate the cities Sylvarant and enslave the people. In order to prevent all forms of existence on less and less available Mana die and bring peace back to the world of angels Remiel should shut down on the planet and convene a world renewal. In consequence of this world renewal is the chosen medium Colette Brunel is to embark on a long ordeal to be an angel who may sacrifice to the goddess Martel at the end itself.
Driven by his friendship with Colette, the young swordsman Lloyd continues through all prohibitions and laws of time to prevent with his friends the impending sacrifice of Colette and around their home Sylvarant to save the world without renewal.

The game revolves around the main character Lloyd Irving, a somewhat silly appearing, yet brave swordsman who had lost his parents as a baby and grew up in a dwarf, and his girlfriend Colette Brunel, who already dying hope and faith in a world has not given up and follows the wishes and goals of her father and herself thus brings in greatest danger.

Together with seven other, unlockable characters roam these two Sylvarant the country to come to a big conspiracy on the ropes. At the same time they fight the half-elves who Desians who conspired against the people and solve the mystery of ominous People farms.

The fighting in Tales of Symphonia are not as common was usually at the time, turn-based, but run in real time. The whole own fighting force can be controlled via the console, also the players themselves can control each character by hand and intervene so directly in the fighting with. Individual tactics can be reconfigured and used directly at any time. In addition, each character has their own special moves and abilities, which can be accessed by pressing a button. You can move your characters freely on the battlefield and attack or magic whenever you want it. Taktit is determined by the player, which anyone can develop its own successful strategy for fighting.

The game has a rather average graphics for its time but the character design, the eye of the seminars dungeons and cities spend the whole flora and fauna are very presentable thanks to the easy-Cell Shade looks.

The story of Tales of Symphonia is large, long and constantly offers new surprises. This will be accompanied by a permit constantly steigerndem difficulty of no boredom. In addition to the main quest, there are also numerous side quests that you can fulfill either to learn yet another background knowledge of the characters or to get hold of rare items. All this, plus the countless dialogues, which were largely eingesprochen, created for the player an ongoing several dozen hours role-playing experience that also, thanks to the "grade system" worth playing through several times.


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