Raspberry Pi: install SSH and use with Android, Windows & Co.

to access your Raspberry Pi by SHH, has many advantages. The Secure Shell is especially useful if you, for example, the Rpi &# 8220; headless&# 8221; used as a NAS, music streaming box, or the like but even if you want to start a program only briefly nachgucken little or no extra turn the monitor or switch the input.

Raspberry Pi: install SSH and with Android, Windows & amp; use Co.

Who controls some shell commands via SSH can also quickly Raspberry Pi operate without having to use a graphical interface. So you can import fast updates, install programs or copy and delete data.

In the current versions of Rpi and Raspbian you need SSH for only activate in older versions or other distributions, it may be necessary that it previously only installed the SSH server. We tell you in this guide as you both done and also how her (by computer Windows, macOS & Linux) and can quickly access the tiny all-purpose servant by Android smartphone.

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Install SSH: Raspberry Pi & activate

install SSH

In the current versions of Raspbian the SSH server is usually already installed. If you use an older version or has not installed the SSH another distribution, you can make up for this but quickly with the following commands. Opens a terminal on your Raspberry Pi and give the following commands:

  • Install SSH:

sudo apt-get install ssh

  • can automatically start SSH server:

sudo update-rc.d ssh defaults

  • (Optional) If the SSH server to start at system startup does not always automatically, you can also start it manually using the following command:

sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start

enable SSH

In the current versions of Raspbian SSH is already installed, here you just have to make sure that the option is enabled. For this you proceed as follows:

  1. Open a terminal and type the following command:sudo Raspi-config
  2. The following Config menu you select Advanced Options.
  3. Now you select the SSH option.
  4. with Enable enabled her SSH, Disable with their unchecked.

    Raspberry Pi SSH activate Raspbian

Raspberry Pi: SSH on computer & use smartphone

If the SSH server on your Raspberry Pi running, you can now shell commands easily send from your computer or Android smartphone to your Pi and have them implemented. Depending on the operating system you need additional pieces of software, and the host name or IP of your Raspberry Pis and its password. By default, the following:

Default Host Name: pi @ Raspberry Pi
(Alternatively) IP address: The current or fixed IP in the form [email protected]
Default password: raspberry

We provide you here the possibilities for Windows, Linux, and Android macOS steps:

Linux & macOS

Usually you need on the different Linux distributions and macOS any additional software. You just start a terminal and give the SSH command followed by the host name or IP address. This should look like this:

SSH Linux macOS

Finally, you must have a password set by you or the default password &# 8220; raspberry&# 8221; Enter to have access to your single board.


benötig yet an additional program it on Windows, with which you can use the Secure Shell. One of the best known and most widely used programs for this purpose is PuTTY. To connect with PuTTY SSH with your Raspberry Pi, you go as follows:

  1. Invite you PuTTY downloads and installs it.
  2. Starts the program and give the Host Name, type the name or IP Eueres RPI.
  3. When Connection Type SSH selects.
    WIndows SSH Putty Raspberry Pi
  4. Finally click on Open to connect you with your Raspberry Pi.
  5. Before you have access, you have still the set of you and enter the default PW your RPI.


Also for Android you need before an SSH app. For these purposes, you can use the open-source program ConnectBot. Is as follows:

  1. Installed the app ConnectBot through the Google Play Store on your Android device.
    ConnectBotdownloadQR codeConnectBotDeveloper: Kenny Root, Jeff Sharkey, Torne Woof, Paul EvansPrice: Free
  2. Give below the host name or the current IP address of Raspberry Pis and tapping Enter.
    Android SSH Raspberry Pi ConnectBot
  3. Confirmed afterwards that you want to connect by their taps on the Yes button.
  4. Now you have to do is enter the password and can shell commands via Android device send to your Rpi.

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