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It's been already 10 years that the tactical shooter "Operation Flashpoint - Cold War Crisis" was published. the title was programmed by then unknown, Czech development studio Bohemia Interactive. For lovers of demanding - in other words, &# 8211; authentic war simulations, OFP was an absolute milestone, its quality should remain unmatched today. Rights holders Code Master is now trying with Operation Flashpoint: Red River a second time on a worthy successor.

If you ask the fans of the first hour, which title since "Operation Flashpoint - Cold War Crisis" has reached a similar quality in the field of artificial intelligence and tactical depth, so the answer is usually: none. Not even the unofficial successor series "ArmA", developed by Bohemia Interactive himself could reach the high standard no more time.

In 2009 Codemasters then tried with a fresh development team a costly reboot of "Operation Flashpoint" series. Expectations for "Dragon Rising" were enormous, especially looked first impressions of the game really promising. With the release of "Operation Flashpoint - Dragon Rising" but then it was quickly established that numerous bugs and unnecessary weaknesses in game design that the resurrection of the military shooter had to be postponed.

"Operation Flashpoint: Red River" should we want to start a second frontal attack on the genre throne. Unlike "Medal of Honor" or "Call of Duty: Black Ops" will be taken again to military realism. As a fictional conflict, the authors have chosen military conflict between the US and the Chinese army. Together with three squad members - there will be four different classes of soldiers &# 8211; is reflected in the continuation by the virtual Tajikistan.

As "Grenadier," "Rifleman," "Automatic Rifleman" or "Scout" it is in one, much more elaborate staged compared to the previous, single-player campaign to issue tactically wise commands and to position themselves cleverly behind cover. Upper top there is a full co-op campaign and a very extensive multiplayer mode. The "Dirt 3" graphics engine ensures a correspondingly contemporary look. Finish is the worry-free package for war-malingerers.

"Operation Flashpoint: Red River" appears in the second quarter of 2011 for the PC, Xbox 360 and the Playstation third

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