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Thus, the PS Vita can be connected to the PC, the download and installation of the Content Manager Assistants is required.

The application allows the data management between PS Vita and PC.

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Vita connect with PC: PS Vita Content Manager Assistant

With the PS Vita Content Manager Assistant memory and data for the console to the PC can be transferred. In addition to backing up game data, the tool is also suitable to transfer music, movies and photos from your PC to the PS Vita, or to move from the PS Vita on the PC's hard drive. In addition, you can use Content Manager, PS Vita to play a new firmware to the PS Vita, no Wi-Fi should be available. So you keep the PS Vita system software without wireless Internet connection in the household current.

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  • Securing stored data and application data
  • Copying music, image and video files
  • Saving System Files
  • System update of the PS Vita system

PS Vita Content Manager Assistant: Download and install

The PS Vita Content Manager Assistant is suitable for. As to create a backup of the store files on the console. So you have your data in the event of data loss on the PS Vita yet at hand. Alternatively, you can these data to a new PS Vita move if an additional model was purchased. Even when changing the memory card, it is best to move the files first with the PS Vita Content Manager Assistant from the console to the PC and then re-copy them to the new memory card. The PS Vita Content Manager Assistant can also be used for managing the PlayStation TV.

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