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O2 has made in recent times rather negative headlines name for itself: Weak network coverage, disappointing customer service and trickery while roaming are accused of the mobile operator. We asked for your opinion about O2 and the previous result is surprising: Despite criticism seems o2 to be better than its reputation.

Your experiences with o2: The big GIGA surveySource: © O2

to complain about mobile operator, is almost a national sport. Also with us in the editorial emotions on the subject cook like high and virtually every editor has to report anecdotes and horror stories - while each of the three major network operators get something from. We have taken this as an opportunity to question supposedly accepted knowledge: on Facebook, we asked you with o2 to a provider who frequently is currently in the criticism. Time to draw an interim conclusion. Lo and behold, in our small, of course not representative survey, there are, in addition to sometimes more, sometimes less objective criticism to o2 positive votes.

o2 network coverage biggest gripe - but not for everyone

In network tests o2 usually ends up behind Telekom and Vodafone. This confirms not only our readers survey in May this year, but currently also the GIGA Facebook community:

Network problems, above all on in rural areas - in big cities is the o2 network, in particular in mobile data, a far better developed.

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O2 tariffs: Good value for money

On one hand, each of us will always and everywhere have reception and a fast LTE data connection, on the other hand would naturally have its price. However, the cost is cheaper than the competition with CO2 - the value the GIGA-reader to the o2 tariffs the most:

EU Roaming debate

Among the current allegations of consumer advocates, O2 would not comply with the EU requirements for roaming, few have commented on Facebook so far. In the comments to the article, however, opinions are in favor of o2:
2017-08-11 13_34_40-o2 tricking when roaming - Consumer advocates are threatening to sue - GIGA

o2 customer falls through

In recent weeks, the service quality of o2, especially the non-availability of the hotline was, in the crossfire of media. Many of our readers are strikingly unhappy with service O2 hotline. Long waits without end a competent consultation takes place, are not uncommon:


We were surprised at how far apart went to o2 the opinions and experiences of our readers, but also that o2 surprisingly has many very satisfied customers. Most commonly expected, the coverage and quality of o2 criticized, followed by dissatisfaction with the service. Despite negative comments but there is also praise. emphasizes that o2 compared to the competition offers the best price-performance ratio. You would have to draw a conclusion that would be comfortable with the English "You get what you pay for" (You get what you pay for) best summarized.

The - by German standards - good prices they paid for with some problematic support and poorer power quality in the country. If you live in the city, where all providers offer good network and you have no need for a telephone hotline, o2 works very well. Finally, everything has to do with personal preferences, requirements and the network expansion in their own region as it brings this comment in a nutshell:

We remain on this issue in any case on the ball and look forward to continue about your opinions.

Take part in our Facebook poll and tell us how you are satisfied or dissatisfied with o2.