Underworld 6: If a continuation of the vampire series?

The Underworld series has become firmly established among fantasy horror fans and vampire lovers. 2003 appeared the first part, the end of 2016 ran with "Underworld: Blood Wars" already the fifth film in the series, which was known for Kate Beckinsale as Selene in the lead role. But what are the chances of "Underworld" part 6?

For critics, the fifth part did not elicit joy and the fans showed only limited enthusiasm. Nevertheless, we must have hope that even a sixth part of the Underworld series will appear.

Underworld: Blood Wars in the stream*

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Underworld 6 with Kate Beckinsale?

Although the previous movies imports rather moderate ratings, the makers celebrated regularly sales success at the box office. An incentive to continue the series, so it would be.

Underworld 6: If a continuation of the vampire series?© Screen Gems

there were before the theatrical release of "Blood Wars" from producer Len Wiseman in 2014 as part of the New York Comic-Con confirmation that a sixth part will come. At the same time, however, that Kate Beckinsale will be after 12 years probably for the last time of the Underworld movies learned. For the lead role in potential sequels the way for younger actor to be paved. Beckinsale said in a recent interview, she still knew of no sequel, but added with a wink, adding that it would probably be the last passengers that would be experienced by a new Underworld movie.

Sixth film and series planned

Besides a new film is also a series Underworld planned. The series is to make the fight between vampires and werewolves into focus. Specific Information about the series implementation does not yet exist, however. Sun is about unclear if Kate Beckinsale will star in a television adaptation or whether new heroes are introduced. Wiseman confirmed the plans, pointing out that the story material would ideal for implementation in serial format suitable.

At the same time, however, he announced that there are no plans for a release date. Between the fourth and fifth Underworld film five years passed. If you look at this time leave as much time for a sequel, some squadrons of Underworld series could shorten the waiting time for the sixth part.


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