TomTom Vio: First accessory for scooter in hands-on video

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TomTom has presented at the IFA 2016 with the "Vio" the first navigation device for scooters. We took advantage of the opportunity and looked at the very stylish Navi in ​​rounded design in more detail.

tried Chic navigation device for scooters: TomTom Vio

Many navigation device for motorcycles are quite expensive and also not see really good. TomTom has now introduced the "Vio" a navigation system specifically for scooters, which is affordable and stylish. of course, the circular design fits many scooters and looks very modern. The touch screen can be operated with gloves, which plays a vital role in driving on a scooter or motorcycle. Since you have the phone in an envelope often difficulties.

tomtom vio navi IFA 2016

but more important is the price of only 169 euros, TomTom demands for "Vio". Navi with two brackets is delivered. Once for the driver and one for the side mirrors. Thus it can be fixed well and can be easily removed again. The use of Navis is possible even in bad weather, for the TomTom Vio is protected against water. On the 2.4-inch display with a resolution of 320 x 320 pixels, the route is displayed. There are different modes to navigate and even an option on the bike, if you do not have scooter or a motorcycle. This works on a single charge up to 5 hours.

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TomTom Vio only works in combination with a smartphone

The TomTom Vio is a second-screen device that fetches the data from an iOS or Android smartphone. There, the app must be installed with the maps and the connection to be established. But the navigation system has its own GPS module to ensure better reception and not to force the battery of the smartphone to its knees. So you can then be a few hours on the road. By working with the smartphone, the TomTom Vio with 169 euro is reasonably priced and now commercially available.

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