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Please times briefly raise their hands: Who has seen the Deadpool trailers and now the right mood for the film, but absolutely no plan, as far as the cartoon character? Ah yes OK. Yet so many, yes. Then there is perhaps some time for small Deadpool bootcamp. Perhaps the dangerous half-knowledge which circulates these days to the figure on the Internet reduce something can be so that. The following facts that every visitor of the new Deadpool movie actually. So the whole thing makes namely twice as much fun. Promised! 

Deadpool Movie 6 amazing comic facts that newcomers should know until release

Deadpool was created on the model of DCs' Deathstroke

39Amazingly, this similarity. Slade Wilson and Wade Wilson.

Oh yeah! Deadpool is a fairly cheap copy of a known character from the DC Univserum. At least that was the beginning like that. Without going too much into detail - Dead pools creator Rob Liefeld, in the comic scene is a controversial person. This is due, among other Liefelds loose management of intellectual property. The story of the creation of Deadpool has this quasi legendary status acquired in the comic scene.

As Liefeld the collaborating authors Fabian Nicieza that time presented an early sketch of his new character "Dead Pool" to this, it will in any case, have answered the legend: "But that's Deathstroke from Teen Titans." A perfectly understandable reaction, but the similarities are such obvious that one can already speak of a hearty rip-off. Rob Liefeld took it obviously left and then called the character also equal to Wade Wilson. DCs'Deathstroke hears namely the name Slade Wilson. Today Deadpool maintained its independence proud despite this questionable history.

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Deadpool may break the fourth wall

ryanAre you talking to me, Wade? © Marvel

Deadpool drove his perverted mischief from 1991 for many years only as a secondary team member ( "New Mutants"). Only in 1997 he got his first series. Author Joe Kelly stood so under pressure from Marvel that he had to reckon with every newly published book with the dismissal of the series. So Deadpool had to work immediately and without further ado. In the longer story arcs he could not rely on.

And so Kelly out of necessity a virtue and put the character increasingly satirical court jester to the marodierte entertaining and anecdotal through the Marvel Universe. As a special stylistic Joe Kelly chose this Dead pools parading comments on the history of Marvel Univserums. Wade traveled as back in Marvel time and made fun of style and dialogues of the old Marvel Comics. then, grew out of these ionic complex situation gradually formed a comic character who is well aware that it is just that: a cartoon character. Created by comic book writers and illustrators. Since then Deadpool speaks to us readers ever directly (or threatens us). In addition, the Deadpool writers regularly use aspects of our world, specifically our popular culture, and making together with Deadpool fun of it.

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Deadpool has once extinguished the Marvel Universe ... and Pinocchio

Image 1Super mass murder. Wade at work. © Marvel Comics

To summarize briefly. Deadpool Thus began his career as a cheap copy, and its existence is aware as a comic book character. Phew, not the best conditions for a healthy state of mind. Spoiler: Deadpool is actually not very tight. Example: Wade Wilson, the fact that he's a comic character means nothing other than that he is a pathetic puppet. Its creators rule over him. He's their prisoner. Even if he wants to get rid of them with the ultimate act, so if he kills himself, he is recalled by its creators again and again to satisfy his readers. An intolerable situation. And this state wants to end Deadpool.

By simply kill all. So really ALL. And so it was that Deadpool has not only all the Marvel heroes and villains once killed (See: "DEAD POOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE *Deadpool Movie 6 amazing comic facts that newcomers should know until release"), But also pretty much all the great figures of world literature that inspired them (See: DEAD POOL KILLUSTRATED *Deadpool Movie 6 amazing comic facts that newcomers should know until release). Including Moby Dick, Pinocchio, Sherlock Holmes, Dracula and, and, and. And why all this: Because he wants to meet his Maker. Then kill him. No shit!

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Dead Pool first movie appearance was ... shit

maxresdefault (1)Find the error: Merc with a mouth. With a MOUTH! (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) © Fox

In "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" Deadpool 2009 celebrated its highly anticipated movie debut. however was not so good for the armen Wade. The comic readership was furious. Whatever there in the cinema to Wolverine jumped around like a startled chicken, with Wade Wilson had not much to do. Even Ryan Reynolds (played then and the new Deadpool movie Wade Wilson) declared, in his capacity fan of the Marvel character, later distanced himself from the decision regrettable cinema version. No wonder the Hollywood Wade was nevertheless actually equipped with adamantium blades and laser eye. Oh, and did we mention that Deadpool - the "mercenary with the big mouth" - the cinema had a sewn mouth. Yeeeep. That Logic.

Death loves Deadpool ... and no, that's not a metaphor

e9639f9679482afb5e0fb0f25cb3ec97&# 8220; Dead Pool and Mistress Death&# 8221; deviantart of emmshin via: Deadpool-and-Mistress Death commission 413264342

Romantic feelings often play a central role in Deadpool comics. This is probably because Wade Wilson is not a really attractive relationship material. In other words: The guy is a pretty disgusting skunk. But that is not to say that in Dead pools chest somewhere also suggests a longing, little black heart. And if Deadpool in love, then not in anyone.

When death personally as interested times for Wade, these feelings were also responds smoothly. Why does the Marvel personification of death for Deadpool interested? Because she can not have him. We recall that Deadpool can not die. And you know indeed how it is with the things that we desire, but can not have her, then - we want to stop even more. Incidentally, the whole thing took not a particularly happy ending what was probably too so that Thanos suddenly also wanted to get involved personally.

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Dogpool? Dogpool!

Deadpool CorpsToo much Deadpool! © Marvel Comics

The Marvel Universe is large. And then at some point the multiverse. No wonder, then, that there is almost every major Marvel character several alternate versions. When Deadpool is no different. And, a bit of the different Deadpool incarnations differ but then the rest of the Marvel world - they are in fact much crazier. A few examples: Dogpool, Panda Pool, Zombie Head Pool, Dread Pool, Lady Deadpool, Wolverine pool, Poolverine.

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