“Notification of tax refund”: Beware of mail BZSt!

The tax return is a recurring burden that sometimes but has a nice refund as a result for most. This pleasant side make Also fraudsters advantage. Currently e-mails are sent with the subject "notification of tax refund" increased.

In the emails, the recipient is promised a tax refund in the amount of a three-figure sum. To get the money, to be published within a tight period, a "tax refund request" will be provided via a link from the mail. But beware: This email is a scam!

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"Notification of tax refund" is a scam

The text of the message:

"After the last annual calculations of your taxable activities, we have determined that you are eligible for a tax repayment of € 232.81. Please submit the tax refund request and allow us 3-5 days for processing. "

The sender is specified "Federal Central Tax Office". Obtained such a mail, you should delete this message immediately. Unfortunately, this results in no claim to the alleged refund, but you run the risk of playing his personal data into the hands of fraudsters.


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False tax refunds by e-mail

So the scam works:

  1. The reader is asked to put his request for tax refund via a link from the mail. Here you will be redirected to a fake website of the "Federal Central Tax Office". A look at the URL indicates that this is no official website an authority acts.
  2. The user is prompted to set up an account to receive the money. Here, in addition to a user name, a password and an email address, an actual address and a birth date must be specified.
  3. In the next step you will be prompted to provide credit card information or its IBAN - after the refund is supposed to go to your account.
  4. the data has been entered, to get a "thank you" page with the announcement to receive the money within three days. In addition, a forwarding takes place in the real website of the Federal Central Tax Office.

Both the email and the website are reconstructed deceptively official appearances, but also find here compulsory for phishing misspellings ( "for" tax refund request ").

Plotting a thoughtless his personal data, lurking here several hazards:

  • By providing personal information such as address and especially the birth scammers have data to make about in your name online purchases or log you in his name at fee-based services.
  • If you use the combination of user name, email address and password for multiple platforms, get fraudsters so access to your Web services.
  • Are you his credit card information to dust the promised money, the result follows the exact opposite: With your credit card information cyber-crooks can make at your expense now in peace online purchases.

Are you getting such a mail, it deletes immediately! The Federal Central Tax Office ( "Federal Central Tax Office") indicates that information about tax refunds do not have e-mail will be communicated. Usually, a bank account is also given directly to the tax return, a query by e-mail also does not take place. Finally, it should be noted that a tax refund is not a task of the Federal Central Tax Office, but is carried out by the relevant tax office.


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