Handyvertrag complete without regret: We explain what you have to pay

A calling plan is completed quickly. Those who do not pay attention, but it can quickly fall into the trap and pay more than originally intended. We show you where the greatest cost problems come - and how you handle them.

Handyvertrag complete without regret: We explain what you have to pay

For example, a mobile phone contract is a fine thing, nowadays you get next to a Allnet Flat for free telephony to all networks and a few GB of data often then not a brand new phone to do so. the offer is relatively good on the contract period of 24 months. And yet the devil is in the detail. Here are the main pitfalls when signing a cell phone contract - and how to deal.

Quit. At best now equal!

Most important: As soon you have booked a new contract, you should him again announce. If you have not already done so, you should do it NOW. Why? For three reasons:

shows screenshot of contract details with O2, the time-discounted contractual termsScreenshot from the customer area of ​​the O2 website, after the end of the contract period, from a contract with a temporary discounted fee of 12.99 Euro if the discounts expire suddenly 39.99 euros.
  • Cheap monthly charges you often get in the form of special conditions the duration of the standard contract period. That you realize, for example, when you embark on your mobile phone provider in the login area and there einsiehst the contract terms. See picture above - there are two discounts will be displayed immediately. After the 24 months, but these conditions are no longer valid - and you suddenly have to pay a monthly fee twice or more.
  • In most contracts, you have a Notice period of 3 months. That is, you need to terminate at least 3 months prior to expiry. If you cancel even one day later, the contract is renewed anyway - usually for one year and often with higher rental charges.
  • The mobile market is in constant motion. Even conditions that seem to you today toll are outdated guaranteed in 2 years from the market. If you're begibst regularly in search of a new and better contract, you can save hundreds of euros - or get much better performance for the same price.

A few contracts are terminated monthly. Although the cost a few euros a month, but it is much more flexible - and as the collective market is moving quickly, you can use as an "intermediate solution" for a few months such fare well.

Announce your term contract so best just after the conclusion - so you can not forget it. Some contract providers make the termination process unnecessarily bureaucratic, in which case you can also use an external termination service as Aboalarm *Handyvertrag complete without regret: We explain what you have to pay use them to terminate your contract safely. For this you pay a few euros, but the process is unbelievably easy.

Rate Comparison - the best calling plan at a glance

Be careful with offers on the phone

You've quit? Great. Probably will you your Contact your wireless service provider before contract end phone and try to persuade you with better terms, or a brand new cell phone to stay. In principle, a nice touch, especially since the rates of customer recovery departments often match those of a new contract or even better. But even here caution.

  • Often the phone call service staff improved conditions, but leave it important details. Some black sheep lie to you even simply to what the contractual conditions and / or the full fee terms (an experience that could make various GIGA-editors) - the receipt then you get on the bill.
  • Let's get you the offer in any case in writing, also so that you can compare them to the current offerings that will bear market.
  • Will the provider make no written offer, skepticism is appropriate. With O2 we have had good experiences with Vodafone not. Check order confirmation, may warrant the right of use!

Fee: basic fee is not equal basic fee

Most tariffs have Minimum contract term of 24 months. Often the fee in the first months is lower than in the following, the description is the price increase but under almost. Sometimes there are also one-off connection fees that can be seen only in the small print. If you compare rates, so calculate necessarily the average cost per month!

Screenshot of mobile phone tariffs on the 1 & amp; 1 Web site: In the second year you can clearly pays more monthly fees than in the firstScreenshot of the mobile phone rates on the 1&1 Web site: In the second year you can clearly pays more monthly fees than in the first

A recent example: On the website of 1&1 various mobile phone offers are promoted. As a fee for the smallest rate in the screenshot leftmost 9.99 euro is given in the month, including is much smaller that the amount refers only to the first 12 months. In the second year of the contract term 19,99 euro per month will be charged. You also have to pay one 29.99 connection fee, which you only learn when you click through the contract terms.

The calculated monthly fee, with a contract term of 24 months and involving the initial connection, so you can then calculate:
(12 × 9.99 + 12 × 19.99 + 29.99) / 24 = (119.88 + 239.88 + 29.99) / 24 = 16.24

The average fee a month is thus 16.24 euros - not 9.99 euros, as the website suggests at first glance. Attention, many providers (Telekom!) You have only to click an asterisk to learn the normal price.

Tip: calculate the total price for the entire contract period and / or observe the information contained in the deal on GIGA. We give our collective advice is always the calculated fee to, so what you have to pay an average of a month if you use the contract is 24 months.

Stay away from contracts without LTE!

Screenshot of the otelo site: Screenshot of the otelo site: "High speed Internet" is a euphemism for "no LTE"

It is hard to believe, but even today there are mobile phone contracts that spark mobile maximally 3G into the net and do not include LTE option. This can often be recognized because the maximum cellular data rate 21.6 Mbit / s indicated and LTE nothing is said. Although the data rate looks acceptable on paper, the lack of LTE has many consequences: Poorer coverage, lower average data rates, higher latencies, indirectly worse battery life. In one sentence: to have no LTE is now out of date. Avoid such tariffs!

Data Automatic: Turn off the money-eaters in the small print

One of the nastiest inventions of mobile operators is the automatic data. She introduces the term "flat rate" in mobile phone tariffs to absurdity: Is the data volume up, two or three times is subsequently posted automatically volume - a fee of course. Three times 100 MB for two Euro consumed quickly. A favorable tariff is still expensive if you are not careful as hell on this path.

Fine print on the WinSIM site: Fine print on the WinSIM site: "Fixed tariff component" means that the data control can not be switched off.


  • Turn off automatic data basically, if possible - either via the online portal of your provider or phone via customer hotline.
  • If this is not possible if the function ie a "fixed tariff component" is (typical formulation in the small print), book the tariff does not even or households iron with your data volume.
  • If you want to still book the fare or already have a tariff with no turn-off data automatic, you can set up an additional barrier for the volume of data at the device level in Android smartphones (mostly in the setting for the mobile data network). If the self-set limit is reached, you can use simply no mobile data more.
  • O2 customers can in many contracts, the o2-Free option *Handyvertrag complete without regret: We explain what you have to pay hinzubuchen. With this there is no data automatic and after consumption of the data volume is throttled to a still usable speed of 1 Mbit / s, instead of the usual 16, 32 or 64 kbit / s.

New phone: Do not hide yourself from your device

Attention, it's about now psychology. New phones are sexy, mobile phone contracts are not. In other words: The reason why people enter into new contracts is usually to secure an actual "object of desire" that the market has just produced. While ignoring them (or want to see) that the low price of the device is compensated by often high monthly fees.

Screenshot of the telecom site: An iPhone 7 Plus for 99.99 euro does not seem expensive, but the monthly cost of 65.20 euros läppern when they extrapolate to 24 months - pure sales psychologyScreenshot of the telecom site: An iPhone 7 Plus for 99.99 euro does not seem expensive, but the monthly cost of 65.20 euros läppern when they extrapolate to 24 months - pure sales psychology


  • Do you realize that a mobile phone contract with device in principle is an installment payment for the device. You pay your dream phone with a higher monthly fee.
  • Compare the basic fee of the contract with smartphone with the cost of a comparable contract without device and expect the difference to the minimum contract term high. These are the costs that you pay purely for the device. Think that against the best price for the unit price comparison portals like idealo *Handyvertrag complete without regret: We explain what you have to pay and determine as to whether the offer is really worth.
  • The other way around: If you are looking for a contract without equipment addition, you can sometimes in addition (mathematically) save if you still take a smartphone to it and as quickly as possible weiterverkaufst the device.
  • Refer also to the decline in prices for smartphones with. Above all Android devices of middle and upper class already often cost a few months after the launch of several hundred euros less. According better conditions also exist in fixed-term contracts with the device. so if it does not have to be the newest model, rather take a smartphone, which is already a few months old.
  • It is often cheaper to buy the contract and device independent. If you can not afford at once the cost of your dream phone, but you need to pay in installments, many dealers also offer financing schemes with low interest rates which are generally cheaper.

Number Portability - known as

Nowadays, it is no rocket science to port the number from an old to a new tariff. After termination, you must release the number for porting with your old provider via hotline or in the login area. At the conclusion of the new contract you just give then the old number and the seller to, and a porting date - ideally the first day on which the new contract expires. Porting costs 25 euros one-time, some vendors even take charge at the conclusion of the new contract.

Caution is advised when you complete a new contract with the same provider as the one in which the old contract expired - for example from o2 to o2, Vodafone to Vodafone or similar. This usually is not because the providers allow such a change only as a contract extension. Who wants to keep his old number in such a case, must the old "Prepaid trick" fall back on.

Here is first ported the number to a separate prepaid card or a monthly cancellable rate. If the number is ported, they can be ported from the intermediate station back on the new "main contract". It costs twice porting fee and is comparatively expensive - but at present, unfortunately, the only way.

Further cost traps and advantages in mobile phone tariffs

It is important that you clearly do you beforehand what you need, what you do not need and what are "nice-to-haves". Here are some factors that you should look out for:

  • How much data do I need it must be a flat rate? Remember here that your use may change with more possibilities - maybe you telephone more because you have a flat rate. Perhaps you begin to go sometimes to look Netflix because you suddenly more data volume.
  • The best rate of no use without network connection. Check for network expansion cards to mobile operators, what about the LTE supply and network expansion in your area. Ask friends who live near you, what experiences they have had with different providers. but also note that the network expansion is an ongoing process and not necessarily to be valid experiences from a year ago today.
  • If your fare is inclusive minutes: How much are they beyond and the minutes are limited to certain networks?
  • SMS costs in addition? Caution: Even in contracts with Allnet Flats SMS are not always included.
  • If you want to use your collective abroad: What are the costs? note not only the prices for telephony, but also data.
  • But positive "Goodies" should be included in your tariff selection, if you need them: examples of bonuses that are included in some contracts: a second SIM card, higher LTE speeds, an additional landline number, Voice over Wifi and VoLTE, free use of Wi-Fi hotspots, free month for streaming music and / or movies, no recognition of streaming / WhatsApp data on contingent discounts on admissions and so on.

Cheap monthly cancellable rates with Allnet Flat*

One last tip for last: Check your phone bill regularly. Even if it should be too late during the term to prevent a cost trap, you can learn from mistakes still for the next booking.


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