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The FileZilla Download is an FTP client that is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The free FTP program manages an unlimited number of FTP accounts and can resume interrupted transfers.

FileZilla download is an FTP client that is available for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. The free FTP program manages an unlimited number of FTP accounts and can resume interrupted transfers. Due to the Explorer-like interface and simple setup of the most popular FTP client FileZilla at all.

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FileZilla Download: resuming file transfers

FileZilla keep-alive system maintains the connection to the server maintained even during periods of inactivity. The transmission can be secured if necessary with SSL or SFTP. The FileZilla download supports passive FTP and thereby also comes with most firewalls deal. In addition, the tool has a very good feature: Begins is a file transfer and the transfer is interrupted (for example, because the Internet connection is broken or the battery of the laptop gives up), FileZilla can resume the transfer at this very spot. This has to save time its benefits, especially for very large transfers.

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Logical structure of FileZilla

The FileZilla download is why so popular just because the program is self-explanatory, even for FTP beginners. After starting the program, you have to call only the Server Manager and enter information such as server name, password, and port there. FileZilla then connects immediately with the server or the computer and displays the existing folder structure. Windows users will feel at home here: FileZilla uses the familiar Explorer view. Left you can see the local sites of the computer on which you find yourself straight. Right are the contents of the server to which you are connected. the transfers are listed at the bottom, including running, failed and successful. Failed transfers can be re-added to the queue. FileZilla then continues the transfer.

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An alternative to FileZilla is WinSCP (but only for Windows).

FileZilla 3.26.0 the program puts an end to unsafe storage of passwords: These can now be stored in encrypted form and with a master password. All new features of the latest version, you can read in the version history.

Tip: There is also a portable version of FileZilla, for example, USB flash drives. but the current version provides even in the standard version of a custom installation, if you are on at the request of the administrator password &# 8220; No&# 8221; clicks.

Under our download button you can download to you the 64-bit version of FileZilla, which is also recommended for 64-bit systems, as only it can exhaust the benefits of architecture. Do you want to download you the 32-bit version, you ride with the mouse pointer over the &# 8220; i&# 8221; Download of the buttons and operates the second, newly opening download button.

  • Easy setup and operation
  • Resuming interrupted transfers
  • No


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