Windows 10: open registry and change settings – Here’s how

In Windows 10 you can open the registry file and change certain settings that can not be adjusted with the normal system settings. Here we show you how to open the Registry in Windows 10, vornehmt settings and what you have to watch out.

Windows 10: open registry and change settings - important's

Windows 10 registry: What is this all about?

Windows 10 has &# 8211; as the older versions of Windows &# 8211; a registry file that you can customize the system and you can make settings that can not be activated via the standard control panel. The registry, however, is not in the Start menu - to open it have to take it a little detour. We show you how&# 8217; s going. Also read also, as you can the performance index in Windows 10 View.

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Open Windows 10 registry: How to&# 8217; s

As with previous versions of the registry in Windows 10 can not be found directly from the Start menu &# 8211; it opens on the command prompt. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Presses the key combination Windows + R to open the dialog box for entering commands.
  2. In the window you give the command regedit and confirmed with the Enter key.
  3. If the User Account Control of Windows 10 opens and asks if you want to make changes, you confirmed with Yes.


Subsequently, the Registry will open and you can change individual parameters. In the next section we will show you what you have to pay it.

Change registry settings &# 8211; Then you have to pay

The registry file in Windows 10 looks like this: On the left side you see a tree-menu where you can navigate to the respective path where you change the parameters. On the left side you see the Registry Editor, in which you run the changes, for example, changes DWord values ​​or adds new registry keys.

Windows 10 registry tweaks

Important: The registry is critical system settings can be changed and adapted that may affect the stability of your system. Read about this article to: Regedit.exe: Windows component Registry - What is it?

  • Your should therefore not make changes if you do not exactly know what you're doing.
  • An example of a registry modification found in this article: Windows 10: Dark Theme Activate - This is what the dark optics.
  • On the Internet, numerous guides that suggest you make changes to the registry can be found beyond.
  • Checks exactly in these cases, whether the source is reliable and what possibilities there are to make any edits.

Of critical interventions in the registry also, it is advisable to make a backup. Here you read how to do it: Windows 10: Create backup image and restore - Here's.

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