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In SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire, the fifth expansion for Bioware's large online role-playing game, it's all about the Zakuul Empire, the new Group, which together with swabbing the Sith Empire and the Old Republic the floor. But who is behind this new adversary?

6330star-wars-the-old-republic-knights-of-the-fallen-empire-trailer-7134.mp4Who knows SWTOR knows that in Bioware's MMO conflict between the Empire of the Sith and the Republic raged for years and brought the two nations to the brink of ruin. In particular, the loss-making fight against the renegade ex-heroes Revan and the disastrous return of the Sith Emperor both factions were bled and war-weary back.

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SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire - The Empire of Zakuul- WFT?

And here are the new faction of Star Wars comes: The Old Republic into play - the "eternal empire" of Zakuul. This new, powerful stellar empire supposedly comes from the outer edge of the galaxy, where it starting from the planet Zakuul, previously undetected met war preparations.

swtor-fall-empire07Imperator Valkorion from Zakuul empire.

Zakuul seems to be technologically developed very far, because it has huge battleships, heavily armored troops and seems to rely more on lightsabers, because even the front-line troops of the Empire, the Zakuul Knights have built light blades in their shields and spears.

swtor-fall-empire12In the Zakuul Army everyone seems to have some sort of lightsaber.

Furthermore, the Empire of Zakuul seems to know the techniques of power, because the two sons of Emperor Valkorion, Thexan and Arcann dominate the power each good enough to defeat a number of Jedi and Sith. But where does the technology and the power of understanding Zakuul?

The legacy of Rakata?

We can only speculate at this point, but the title "Eternal Empire" and "Immortal Emperor" very much reminiscent of the realm of Rakata, which the Galaxy completely dominated in ancient times and also had great power users. And who knows the former Old Republic games from Bioware knows that the "everlasting kingdom" of Rakata left behind numerous samples of their technology, such as the Star forging.

swtor-fall-empire14The Sternenschmeide the Rakata of the first Knights of the Old Republic.

so perhaps has Imperator Valkorion who has indeed built his empire by hand his own words, once found an old Rakata Star Forge and was able to build his empire in a relatively short time.

Again the Sith Emperor?

Of course, there is the possibility that Emperor Valkorion is a new incarnation of the good old Sith Emperor from the current Story update of SWTOR. Then the empire of Zakuul would devour his latest prank on his goal of all life in the galaxy.

swtor-fall-empire15Behind the new empire of Zakuul again is it an old Sith Emperor?

At least the testimony of Valkorion that the Zakuul empire was his biggest success may suggest. However, the behavior of Valkorion and the style of his kingdom does not look like the previous approach of the Sith Emperor, a fully risen very dark side being pure malice. Rather, the Empire of Zakuul like a classic, expansive empire appears. And if really the Sith Emperor would be back, he would have already implemented his plan after defeating the Empire and Republic and devoured all life, while our players hero still stuck in hibernation.

Who are the "Knights of the Fallen Empire"?

In addition of the title "Knights of the Fallen Empire" another vague reference to the Rakata, as are the heavily armored troops of the Empire called "Zakuul Knights" and if these are the "Knight of the fallen empire" are, this could also be the once refer sunken and resurrected Rakata Empire.

swtor-fall-empire11The Zakuul-Knights are the shock troops of the empire.

Furthermore, it is quite possible that Valkorion or whose ancestors were renegade Jedi, because there was in the past, the Order - which is still older than the Rakata Empire &# 8211; often spin-offs from which the Sith are only the best known and most notorious.

SWTOR: Knights of the Fallen Empire &# 8211; Mass Effect Greetings

While it is certainly a crossover between Diablo and Bioware's sci-fi self-production Mass Effect give, but at least, by design, the two universes approach in Knights of the Fallen Empire to continue.

swtor-fall-empire16The mask of Prince Arcann sees a Cerberus-helmet from Mass Effect very very similar already.

For example, see Prince Arcanns mask very strong after the helm of a Cerberus Troopers from Mass Effect 2 from. And the heavily armored Zakuul-Knights are somewhat reminiscent of the Protean from Mass Effect third

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