Drones insurance: Is the duty? And how much is it?

Drones are currently the trend gadgets at all. You've bought you a drone and you want to stand out for the first time? Or do you still playing with the idea to get you a drone? What many do not know: In any case, you need an insurance policy that you turn your drone want to let them fly. Why this is so, and what you have to observe her doing, we declare the following guide.

Who wants in Germany fly a drone, is obliged to take out liability insurance for the drone. Since 2005, such insurance is mandatory for the operation of unmanned flying objects.

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When do you need a special drones insurance?

Basically, all unmanned flying objects insurance. Before you but especially an insurance policy for your drone, you should take a touch with your current liability insurance and ask to what extent you are already insured with it. Just flying objects that are considered toys, are the Private liability insurance covered. The definition of toys is not easy in this case, which is why you've got to turn in any case to a specialist. If your insurance does not can assure your drone, you need an additional insurance - often hence costs are around 50 Euros. Inform yourself on the occasion also whether insurance will pay if their in a Fly zone flies. This can you with the Drone App of the German Air Traffic Control check.

Personal Liability for drones*

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Drone Insurance Overview

So that you are insured and can cover any possible damage that can result from a crash a drone, you should take out additional insurance. Private liability insurance will not cover such damage generally. Many model flying clubs and associations offer such insurance, covering damage to a membership of up to several million euros. In some clubs you can also increase the coverage at an extra cost of the annual contribution. Insurance companies usually apply worldwide, often with the exception of the United States. An overview with examples of clubs that offer this type of insurance, you can find below:

drone-buy-QuadrocopterEven for a Quadrocopter insurance is necessary. © ProstoSvet / Shutterstock

With an insurance company on a model club only use often is insured to a designated site. Damage at a private use, such as in your own garden would therefore not insured. Here accordingly would grab a personal liability insurance. Who wants to also be damage to the drone secure, may also conclude a comprehensive insurance. Usually damages, crashes and incorrect use of the drone are Verischert here.

insurer Post (private / year) coverage
German model sports organization (DMO) *39.96 Euro2 million euros
German modelers association e.V. (DMFV) *42 euro5 million euros
Modellflugsport Association e.V. (MFSD) *44 euroEUR 1.5 million
Insurance with insured drone *from 69.99 € 1 million euros
drone© agnormark

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After the Air Traffic Act stick holder of a drone in the event of injury or property damage if the drone is responsible for the damage. you should not skimp on insurance accordingly.

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