highlight WhatsApp contacts: So you can chat Highlight User

In addition to the standard ways to share via WhatsApp pictures, messages, files and other data, the developers surprise WhatsApp users regularly with new features. So the Zitierfunktion and the end-to-end encryption to enhance the security was introduced only recently. Now is the opportunity to highlight the chat users and WhatsApp contacts highlight in the wings. What are the benefits and how it should work, you read below.

The WhatsApp settings waiting for updates more often on new functions. On the subject of contacts we have previously shown you the ways you delete WhatsApp contacts, delete a WhatsApp group or equal to your can block contacts in WhatsApp. Do you ask yourself, &# 8220; How does WhatsApp?&# 8221 ;, you can take a look at our WhatsApp tips and tricks guide for beginners throw.

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Now WhatsApp beta testers caught a glimpse of a future change: In group chats it should be possible to emphasize WhatsApp contacts. In threema there is the function already.

More about the upcoming update you learn in our article WhatsApp: Music Shipping and larger Emojis come.

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highlight WhatsApp contacts: This benefit provides the feature

The user @WABetaInfo announced via Twitter screenshots of the new function. In future it should be possible not only to join a WhatsApp group using a QR code and change WhatsApp name in contacts and groups, but you can your friends and acquaintances mention so your contact list in WhatsApp that they are highlighted. This has in confusing groupchats the advantage that you can mention your contact to say something on the subject. Will you vote for example, where the group meets and a member has not yet ruled, is made one such attention. In addition, see the other group contacts who will be addressed just right.

highlight WhatsApp contacts: Find it&# 8217; s

The developer WABetaInfo found the function can mark contacts chatting in the beta version of WhatsApp.

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So highlighting the WhatsApp contacts should work:

  1. You can simply write the @ sign in the message field of WhatsApp.
  2. Then opens a menu where the desired contact can be selected, so you write &@Name; # 8220&# 8221 ;.
  3. The name must be used as it appears in your address book. see your chat participant contact then under the name as they have stored it in their phone. So you mentioned your girlfriend &# 8220; @Mausi&# 8221; is the other group members then, for example, &@Steffi; # 8220&# 8221; displayed.

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