Google Home vs. Amazon Echo – A match in six rounds

Google's alternative to Amazon Echo is available in Germany. What can the smart speaker Google Home and well worth the investment? The first match in six rounds:

18591This is Google Home
Before starting a first exchange of blows: What do the systems from the competition?
"Ok, Google, what do you think of Amazon Echo?" "I think it's super reliable, they indeed always delivers." A compliment to wit, not bad. Now Alexa: "How do you find Google Home?" "I have a weakness for any artificial intelligence" Good, but this answer repeatedly even when you ask, for example, by Siri.. Case you want to know quickly who wins, looking at our overview at the end of the article.

Installation: Both show no weaknesses

Surcharge for Google's speakers. The Google-home app will set up the unit: First you choose your own Wi-Fi, then connect the smartphone to the speaker and logs in with their Google Account. This works when tested without problems. In the app, all settings can be made to the speaker and there are tips on voice commands, which sees Google's voice assistant.

Google Home, Amazon Alexa appLinks Amazon's Alexa app, right Google Home app. Source: Screenshot

Return Amazon Echo: The setup works very similar. Here, too, an app serves as a control center and connects to the speaker. After signing up with your own Amazon account you can start. Both devices are set up quickly without problems.

Result: Draw 1: 1

Music services: Spotify and TuneIn are standard

is the most used function in the smart speakers who wonders there playing music. Both systems work with Spotify, TuneIn and their own streaming offerings Amazon Music and Google Play Music. Google Home offers additionally still Deezer, while Amazon integrates the portal Audible. The selection of suppliers is similar: Both offer with Spotify the largest streaming service to.

Result: Draw 2: 2

Speaker: No listening, but perfectly adequate for the kitchen

For the speakers, it is difficult to make a clear judgment. The sound impression is perceived differently by each. Basically, it can be said: The Google Home speakers are very bass heavy - they lack clear highs. When Echo is exactly the opposite to be heard. The highs are clear, but something is missing bass. For the replacement of the kitchen radio, for reading the news and with discreet background music a little negative point is noticeable. you want with the little boxes, however sound for the next party, they quickly reach their limits. Our editor Stefan is rather disappointed by the sound of both speakers.

Result: No points, still 2: 2

Language Assistance: Google is smarter, Alexa is human

One of the reasons at all to choose a smart speakers, the integrated voice assistant. Google calls Google Assistant - Amazon helps with Alexa. Google Home can google and use Wikipedia - at least sometimes. About Google Assistant everyday knowledge questions are answered. For this, the Wikipedia database is mostly used. For more complex questions of the speakers are the first entry of Google search again.

Best on

When asked "What helps with mosquito bites," Google Home reads the first entry that advises to put an onion on the sting. Unfortunately, the Google search does not work (yet) for every request. To the question "What relieves headaches" Google knows, for example, no answer.

Google Home, Amazon Alexa, comparison, language assistance,Source: GIGA

The rival Alexa you have to use smaller extensions, so-called skills, helping hand. Only then they can browse the Wikipedia page for it but her voice sounds clearer human than that of Google. With knowledge questions Google Home is still clearly ahead. In addition, the Assistant can combine voice commands and understand the context of a conversation in the first approaches. The create neither Alexa nor Siri.

Victory for Google Home 3: 2

Entertainment: Skills make the difference

Amazon has developed for its echo device its own "App Store". Through so-called skills, functions that do not directly support Amazon, installed later. There are skills that read the TV program, imitate animal sounds, call a cab and help with cooking. Many public transport providers are represented and for a good night's sleep can be played soft crashing of waves. In time for the launch of Google Home there is the echo-effective. The best available rate for Amazon Echo you learn here:

Best on

Google still does not provide extensions for the Home. Basically, it should even be possible to extend the functions, but so far no available compared to Alexa. However, the Home scores with many Google services like YouTube, Google Search, Google Maps and Play Music. Amazing ease the control of Google devices such as Chromecast and forwarding YouTube videos on the smart TV works. But the open system of Amazon offers more freedom and individuality.

Result: point for the echo. He shortened to 3: 3

Smart Home: The decision

Match ball. This category will decide who wins. The number of supporting smart home provider acts huge at first glance to Google. A total of 39 services are available. But on closer inspection is striking: Many are taken only from the US version and not available in Germany. Currently, for example, the popular Osram Lightify app that competes with Philips Hue, can only be used with a US account. However, this will probably be only a matter of time, surrounded the services to Google.

Amazon is the time advantage benefit in this category: For all popular smart home systems, there is a skill. The controller works without problems and also the voice commands are more variable than in Google Home. A gaffe Home affords then still: It can be about the lighting system from Philips Hue so far not select a preset scenes by voice. Although the little weaknesses of Google home are more likely teething problems, but the company actually had enough time to integrate the connection to German systems.

Result: 4: 3 for echo Amazon

Amazon, Alexa, Google, Home, Sprachassistent.UebersichtSource: GIGA


Google brings an exciting alternative to the echo instruments on the market. The functions are, however, still limited at the outset. Both language assistants afford any weaknesses in classical queries like music control, everyday knowledge, weather and news. Google scores with the access to other Google services and context queries. Amazon is the ideal shopping companion, can be individually adapted with extensions and creates offer with the little echo Dot an affordable entry into the world of smart speaker.


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