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Warrior Cats: inventing names and generator
You want to start a Warrior Cats RPG you, you just fall in love with the fantasy series and simply not getting enough of the Clan cats? Then you need a separate Warrior Cats name. So you do not waste too much time with thinking, you will find below some ideas and suggestions for fun, exciting and suitable Warrior Cats name.The Warrior-Cats name can you also use it if you own fanfiction want to submit to the novel series.

For Warriors name with image

Whether you want to be a young warrior, describes a normal hangover or is seeking a Warrior-Cats name for a stray, the following proposals will bring you to the correct name. Just take out of the Warrior Cats Name picture the first letter of your first name and your birth month. Adds both titles together and you get the result your own name.warrior-cats-nameThe generator for your own Warrior Cats name.Of course you can also submit your own suggestions. Writes in the comments, as your leader to say what is a good name for a gray she-cat and what figures might still appear in the Warrior Cats books. The names are usually made of two words that are related to nature. Start Photogallery(16 images)SMS from last night: The 15 most embarrassing gaffe

That is your own Warrior Cats Name

Warriors is a fantasy novel series by Erin Hunter. In the stories, the four clans RiverClan, ThunderClan ShadowClan and wind communities struggling to survive. The clan will emerge from the star clan. The cats have several names in their lives.Warriors Amazon*warrior-cats-erin-hunter
  • The first part of the name never changes generally.
  • Immediately after birth, the name ends with "cub" z. B. lion cub.
  • As a student, the Warriors get the name ending in "paw", or about "thorn paw".
  • Are the cats matured as a warrior, a unique name must be chosen. The ending is determined by the character, appearance or excellence that has executes the cat already in life.
  • Leader of a clan have the extension "star".
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