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The strategy game Hotel giant is an elaborate 3-D structure of simulation of the manufacturer Jowood. Players have the task of building the perfect hotel. The game was developed for the platform Windows 98th It should give the game easily accessible even players who entered with simulations territory. This is achieved with the in-game tutorial very well. The levels can be adjusted individually. The game language is German. The simulation is released for all ages.

The first question &Hotel Giant, 8220&# 8221; provides its players, is based on the location of the hotel. City location, suburb or wilderness are just three of many possibilities. The decision should not make thoughtless, because the choice of location has a direct influence on the course of the game. This aims to build with the available budget, a top hotel with good staff to guest service. The players choose from many features. Guests of the hotel can interact with more than 600 objects. Once the hotel is, it opens its doors for the new hotel owners it will be exciting. He can observe where the guests stay most like and what they do. He will meet with the odd eccentric guest who behaves strangely. That makes a lot of fun, because the whole game is running in real-time 3-D graphics. &Hotel Giant, 8220&# 8221; resembles the family Sims simulation, because it is important to nurture the guests well and taking care not to exceed the budget. we also just like with Sims can generate photographs of scenes and show a virtual album on the Internet. Underlain is the Hotel-simulation with a medieval soundtrack, in which more than 30 different titles are played.

The great real-time graphics and the numerous equipment options for the hotels are hallmarks of this Aufbausimualtions- and strategy game. Even watching the guests makes one so much fun that you have to be careful not to lose the required emissions from the eyes.

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