GIGAPedia – 14 Years GIGA, compressed to about 700 wiki pages (reader post)

GIGAPedia - 14 Years GIGA, compressed to about 700 wiki pages (reader post)

GIGA.DE has led the way last week Wednesday. It is time that the lexicon of GIGA brand finally appears in a new guise.

Who knew the GIGAPedia before the relaunch, which knows that the GIGAPedia is stuck in the past five years in time. The Wiki (not that it still does not do that today on the web) recalled bygone times when the brand GIGA stood for first-class entertainment on the boob tube and in live TV stream). This is to relaunch the now change finally.

GIGAPedia - 14 Years GIGA, compressed to about 700 wiki pages (reader post)GIGAPedia 2008

In general it should be clarified at this point for the younger GIGA Friends what the GIGAPedia at all and what it does. The history of the wiki starts in December 2004, when the guys the "GIGA-GREEN-FAN" decided all possible information about the program NBC GIGA GIGA or green in a project to collect himself. On 31 March 2006 but was then concluded. The afternoon show GIGA green has been set. Instead, the mark of the Turtle Entertainment GmbH has been completely redesigned. The focus was on the subject since gaming.

GIGAPedia - 14 Years GIGA, compressed to about 700 wiki pages (reader post)Since the GIGAPedia however neglected at this time due to the adjustment of the GIGA-GREEN-FAN site, the team decided to Fansite GIGA4.DE finally in December 2007 to take over the project. The site experienced a renaissance since the wiki was again filled with content and it revised completely its appearance. This condition lasted until February 2009. This month, the head of GIGA revealed that Premiere, which had taken over GIGA meantime, would finally settle the TV channel. The Fansite GIGA4.DE finally broke up. A fansite made no more sense from the view at that time. Why a fan site to a site? There were also problems of time remaining administrators.

In the next two years, which became known as Fat Beard Brothers-time in the annals GIGA, the GIGAPedia was almost no longer observed. It has only been used to refer to the story of GIGA.

So it was not until mid-2011 after the takeover by the gigas ECONA Internet AG again to the fact that a handful of interested people for the strong legacy project. These people set about to update the product and einzupflegen the new formats of the new gigas.

But you'll soon stieße the limits of the user as simple as possible. Features were outdated compared to modern wikis and special pages could not be processed without moderation rights. Consequently, they tried to reactivate the former administrators. However, these react with a delay, pay attention not already lay on the GIGAPedia for years, but on other things such as studies and jobs. After many discussions and agreements, they agreed on a transfer of GIGAPedia by current community members.

GIGAPedia - 14 Years GIGA, compressed to about 700 wiki pages (reader post)

Thus we have arrived at the present time. The administrator of the GIGAPedia am present I Teranas. The project is supported by ECONA today, but is completely independent. The site's design has not changed in 2008. It was imperative that the page is visually updated. The relaunch in 2012, this still made little sense ... Let's face and stamp this relaunch as "unsatisfactory" from.

The new design takes into account as the home of the new gigas. The defining color green connecting from the history gigas and the background shows the importance of the "Gaming" GIGA.

the GIGAPedia is content today on a solid stand. We provide information on almost all formats and for almost all editors. In addition, a look to learn more about the history gigas is useful to know, because that Outlined here is just a brief glimpse of the true history of the brand.

I hope I was able to direct to this article again a few eyes on the GIGAPedia. We are always looking for people who are interested have to expand our wealth of information. I also hope that I could increase your interest in GIGA. This brand has already experienced so much in his 14 years ... All this is held by us. I thank all active editors, and of course all those who have contributed to the project has ever survived to this day.

See you on GIGA.DE and the wiki,



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