PDFCreator: Create watermark stamp – Here’s

If you share it with PDF files and want to prevent the content is being used without your consent, then there are several ways to prevent it. In this respect, the PDFCreator is a nice package. For he not only offers the possibility of PDF password protection, but also the feature of so-called stamp.

PDFCreator: Protect documents with watermarks stamps

These stamps, elsewhere also called watermarks, dressed as a marker on each page of a PDF document. This can be, for example, effectively prevent someone prints a foreign text and outputs as its performance.

PDFCreator stampStamped PDF files can be controlled, but not abuse

A PDF with such a stamp is suitable for meadow for distribution of graphic designs (logos, flyers, letterheads) to a customer. He can inspect the work, but not simply take it without paying.

The advantage to stamp PDFs

This is not, this is a watermark in the usual sense. The lie that is behind the content and are not completely opaque. The protection afforded by a stamp is less subtle, but definitely very effective.

PDFCreator: Watermark Stamp

  • After starting the PDFCreator you reach under Printer > Settings or the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O the settings menu
  • Since this is for a stamp to a document property, you will find this feature under Document
    • The options are limited here and relate to primarily Font, font size as Font color. The option outline font makes for the most part the text unreadable
  • After saving any future file is provided with this stamp

Create PDFCreator profile

to provide each file with the stamp is not really useful. As mentioned in the above examples, you want a customer so as give an intermediate stage canceled, but other documents in normal form.

Here you should create their own profile in PDFCreator. This profile with stamp will only be selected when you save the file, and so only certain files are provided with a watermark. This saves the work of having to constantly change.


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