activate Lebara: Unlock SIM card – Here’s how

Before you begin to make calls with Lebara, you must first activate the SIM card. The process is actually quite simple &# 8211; you can go to the appropriate Web site or to activate by phone. Read this guide on how you can activate the SIM card from Lebara.

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The telecommunications company Lebara is still a relatively new entrant and in this country only since 2010 on the market. The company is mainly known for cheap prepaid SIM cards with which you can call at the discounted price abroad. In Germany Lebara is therefore mostly used by migrants to call home. For this you have but for now activate the SIM card from Lebara and unlock. We explain how to do it.

To enable the SIM card online: Lebara*

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Lebara activate the phone &# 8211; so is&# 8217; s

The easiest way you can directly activate the phone, the Lebara SIM card. Here you call the hotline of Lebara and then switches the card free. Here's how it works:

  1. If you are already on the phone with a Lebara SIM card (and activate another card want) you give the number 1212 in your mobile phone.
  2. Alternatively, it dials the number 0180 501 4389th
  3. The following costs are incurred: 42 cents / minute from the Lebara mobile network and 14 cents / minute from the German. Landline calls from other German mobile networks cost a maximum of 42 cents / minute.
  4. To activate the card, you need the Access information on the back of your SIM pack and your name, address and birth date.

Once you've enabled the Lebara can get started and you make the first call.

Lebara banner

Lebara activate online on the Internet

If you just have access to the Internet, you can also enable convenient online her Lebara. so goes&# 8217; s:

  1. Gets the special activation page of Lebara on in your internet browser.
  2. Give your mobile phone number there and the last 4 digits of the SIM card number in the appropriate fields and then click Next.
  3. After that, you have a few other data (see above) Enter the complete activation.

Are you finished, the map of Lebara is enabled. The process can take several minutes may &# 8211; then you can make calls with Lebara. If you run out of balance, we will show you in another article also how their Lebara can recharge.

Lebara calls

activate Lebara's not unlock does not work: Solutions and Tips

There may be problems and you can not activate Lebara or unlocking does not work. Tried the following solutions, in this case to eliminate the problem.

  • Making sure that you have entered all the information correctly.
  • Especially with the SIM card or the access information errors could undermine &# 8211; therefore pays particular attention to the correct uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Verifies that you currently have receiving and also checks if the SIM card is properly seated in mobile
  • Ensures that sufficient credit on the phone.
  • Checks if your mobile phone or smartphone is locked by SIM lock &# 8211; In this case, only cards of a particular network operator work.

Lest us also also what you can do if the SIM card is not recognized. We also show you also what is going on with the new eSIM card up.

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