Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life – The you should know

With the Galaxy S4 Samsung currently has one of the most powerful and most popular smartphones on the market. The heart of any smart phones is the battery. Like the Samsung Galaxy S4 is reflected in the battery life and what to do with the battery, learn it here.

Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life - The you should know

Unlike the devices from Apple you can replace the built-in battery manually. If the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life So after a fairly long time no longer meet your needs, you can replace it with a new one, without having previously done a degree in rocket physics or having to put a lot of money for an expensive replacement on the table.

How long is the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life?

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a battery life of 2,600 mAh. At a regular use, this corresponds approximately to a term of 12 hours. Holds not her fault your smart phone, the standby time of the Galaxy S4 battery is about 140 hours. Who just phoned and sent no data on the Internet with the Galaxy S4, can at least take into account about 20 hours of continuous talks.

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Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S4 battery life

Unfortunately, even the largest manufacturers such as Samsung are not immune to mistakes. On some models, the flagship is a one arg shortened battery life on the Samsung Galaxy S4 after some use. Apart from the strong performance loss of up to 25% within a few minutes and regular crash of the smartphone of the Galaxy S4 battery failure is noticeable by a deformation of the battery. In case of faulty batteries, this expands and completely fails his service. The Galaxy S4 battery fault occurs ihne warning and is not due to external influences on the device, such. B. caused a fall.

According Mobiflip least 30% of German Samsung Galaxy S4 owners are affected by the faulty battery. Provide it with this error and an incredibly short battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S4 firm, you can be free to exchange the battery. For this you contact either a service partner of Samsung or the manufacturer directly.

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