“Do Not Disturb” on the iPhone: tips and trivia

"Do Not Disturb" in iOS 6 and iOS 7 enable the tone of calls, notes and messages. The mode offers a few features and peculiarities that you should know as iPhone users.

"Do Not Disturb" on the iPhone: tips and trivia

If "Do Not Disturb" turned on, makes you your iPhone completely at rest: no ringing, no vibration alert, no flashing light and also no display appear on the lock screen.

are calling directed immediately to voicemail - a contrast to the muted iPhone. The caller suggested more of a switched off device or a dead spot at the called party. (Note: Here we discuss how the "Do Not Disturb&# 8221; in IOS 7).

turn Do Not Disturb on and off

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"Do Not Disturb" Enable mode

The fastest access to the "Do Not Disturb" mode you get through the Control Center (pictured above).

For daily recurring periods you plan times in the iPhone settings -> Do not bother -> Planned.

Do Not Disturb on the iPhone: Settings

"Do Not Disturb" configure on the iPhone

In the iPhone settings -> Do not disturb you put more parameters:

Allow calls: Create the address book a group with important contacts. Add them in calls allow added. You may now also in the "Do Not Disturb" mode by ringing.

Repeated calls: a persistent caller logs a second time within three minutes, it is put through.

mute: Should also apply the mode if you just used the iPhone? Then here's the rub is the right choice for Always.

Do Not Disturb in iOS 7: exceptions that still bother

The iPhone is completely silent when "do not disturb" is activated? No!

Of the iOS alarm clock and timer ringing is enabled even if "Do Not Disturb". Luckily! But be careful: Other alarm clock apps, only have access to the notification feature of iOS, give a peep from him.
And the sound of "Find My iPhone" is heard, if you find your device by ear like.

Tip: Do you want incoming calls, Facebook messages and the like stop, use the flight mode. Here, the iPhone battery is spared further. Appointments etc. make as opposed to still "do not disturb" noticeable.

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