Fatal Frame 5: The new trailer for the horror spectacle is there

Shortly Project Zero appears: Priestess of the black water for the Wii U. If you can not wait, there is now the new trailer that will put you in fear and terror.


27Project Zero priestess of black water

In this horror games worth the wait!

Halloween is coming up. If you organized a big party, ye shall soon the right game can define it. On Oct. 30, 2015 namely the Wii U exclusive Fatal Frame appears: priestess of black water and want you and your friends are preparing the shock of your life. Like its predecessors, it should scare you with supernatural encounters to death and drive every second hackles up. In this part, especially the fear of water and drowning in the foreground.

With the GamePad Wii U you shall know the spirits can do this time and experience as a fresh breeze in the gameplay. In case you're not quite sure if you Fatal Frame: priestess of black water actually like it, Nintendo has released a new trailer to it. These can be found above.

Furthermore, there will be a demo version of the horror spectacle in the Nintendo eShop on October 30, you can download the free her course. The full version will be released on the same day. Imagine a on a lot Jump Scares and bad dreams. Have fun with the trailer and cheerful creeps!

The best horror games ever!

ProjectZero 5

Source: Nintendo

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