HTTP Error 401 “Unauthorized” has the meaning and explanation

If you surf with a browser on the network receives from time to time error messages when a page about not open. These error messages usually carry the prefix "http" and are followed by a digit. A common error is the http error four hundred and first

HTTP Error 401

Here you learn what's behind it and what you can do with a HTTP 401 error. Instead of the desired URL error page is played. In general, these error pages are created directly by the webmaster of a web offer. For faults associated with the status code 400 a Clien error is in the request.

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What does the HTTP Error 401 "Unauthorized"?

  • 401-authorization-requiredThe http 401 error occurs when the access to a web page is denied.
  • In addition to the numerical sequence of error is accompanied by the message "401: Unauthorized".
  • Here, therefore, there is an unauthorized access to a website.
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The error can occur if no user authentication is performed or when incorrect login data has been entered in the browser. The login is done in combination with a user name and a password. If the error occurs after the input of the data, it can be assumed that either the password or the user name, or the combination have been entered in error of both.

HTTP Error 401 "Unauthorized": this can be done

The 401 error should occur only on pages that should be hidden from the public. Should be to find the errors on a page that is actually intended for the public, you should contact the webmaster. There may here be a problem with the configuration of the page. If you get no access despite the entry of valid data, your login information may have been deleted from Webmaster side.

Alternatively, you can also try to visit the site after the occurrence of 404 error with a different browser or another PC. Browser settings may prevent a proper connection with the landing page.


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