Lost Ember: This game lets you slip into the skin of each animal

Lost Ember was able to draw attention to themselves at the German Computer Game Prize. Now the declaration of love to explore fantastic worlds with a new trailer on Kickstarter presented.

674Lost Ember - Story Teaser

For two years now Lost Ember is the Hamburg developer Mooneye Studios in development. In the game You're a wolf the remains of a lost civilization that has since been reclaimed by nature. The special feature: The last soul of the fallen civilization Inrashi stands out as a companion to the side and allows you not only insight into the history of the world, but also allows you to slip into the body of each animal, which you in the world of Lost Ember met.

Lost Ember will not stand with intricate puzzles and fighting your own way up, hence the focus of the game is on exploring the world. Mooneye Studios was inspired by titles such as Journey or Everybody&# 8217; s Gone To The Rapture. With this concept, the Hamburg team was able to convince the jury of the German Computer Game Awards and won in the category "Best young concept" second prize.

To be able to now full-time care of the completion of the project, Mooneye Studios wants to finance the rest of the development time by Kickstarter. Until mid-November 100,000 euros to be collected. Fits to also a new trailer has been released. All other information you can find on Kickstarter. Furthermore Lost Ember is found in Steam Greenlight program.

1196Lost Ember - Teaser Trailer

Works funding, then Lost Ember appear in March 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Here you can see screenshots of the game:

Gallery Lost Ember

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