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customize the Firefox appearance individually
The Mozilla's Firefox is most commonly used as a web browser, which is among other things to the many add-ons that can be added to the program. In addition to add-ons that add to Firefox new features, there are also those with whom the appearance of the browser can be customized to your taste.Mozilla Firefox is the browser used by Internet users most often, which is among other things to the extensive possibilities of extension that the browser has to offer. For example, the appearance of the browser can change skins by many erhältlicherFirefox and will be adjusted to personal taste.

Firefox appearancecustomize the Firefox appearance with themes and personas

The Firefox appearance may be the one with Firefox themes, on the other hand adjusted with Firefox Personas. Themes change the entire look of the browser, including controls, while the Firefox Personas only add a new background. Both can be found on the Add-ons page for Mozilla, where they can be called up in appropriate menus. These are further divided into sub-menus; Themes can be found in sub-such as popular, newest and best rated. To install a theme, you move the mouse over it and pressed the button "Continue to Download". A new window, where you click on the button "Accept and Install" appears. Now the Firefox needs to be restarted, and the theme is installed.Customize Firefox Appearance Start Photogallery(23 images)"Porn mode" on the smartphone: Surf safe and clean on the Web

Change Firefox appearance with Personas

Furthermore, it is also possible for the Firefox appearance adjust with Personas. This only change the background of the browser and still have the advantage that they are easier to install. To add the Firefox Personas, you go to the above-mentioned website to the category "personas" and select a sub-category here. Now you move the mouse pointer to a persona, this is displayed directly and can be added by clicking the Firefox; a browser restart is not required.