Huawei P9: At Saturn and Media Markt already in stock

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Just last week, the Huawei was introduced in London P9 and from April 21, it is loud VMALL the official online store of the manufacturer, be available in this country. The two German retailers Saturn and Media Markt is Huawei's newest top model but already in stock and can be ordered already apparently.

Huawei P9: At Saturn and Media Markt already in stock

Actually, the Huawei P9 should be available only in a week. But at Saturn and Media Markt, the new flagship of the Chinese has already arrived and has already found its way into the assortment of online shops - on the product page, the smartphone can in fact be ordered already. The status even appears "in stock". In theory it would be possible with express shipping to keep the smartphone tomorrow or at the latest on Monday already in the hands, while others still have until at least Thursday, April 21, wait.

For more information on Huawei P9: Huawei-P9 test on GIGA.DE.

Huawei P9 available in markets

On top of that the device is already in some markets in stock. Whether the smartphone is however already also issued today, we unfortunately do not know. It is assumed that the employees that Huawei P9 will hand until April 21.


Attack on Galaxy S7 and LG G5

The direction of the Chinese group with the P9 is clear: Huawei wants the top class competition to attack head-on with the new flagship - Samsung's Galaxy S7 but also the LG G5 or the HTC 10 are the direct competitors of Huawei P9. In the fight against competitors is to not only help the high-quality housing, but also the specifications and features. In particular, the camera Huawei has at P9, as well as in P9 Plus, emphasis and built a 12 MP strong image sensor, the same has two camera lenses and was developed in collaboration with the German camera and optics specialists Leica.

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